Dick Pics

This, obviously, isn’t me.

A surprisingly large number of men like to send dick pics on various messaging services. Some send them uninvited. This, of course, is sexual harassment. I’ve published pictures of mine as part of posts in the Journal. My motives are mixed. Principally, I wanted to illustrate the topic of the post. But I admit that there was also a little tingle of humiliation generated by this intimate exposure. Recent examples are here, here, and here.

I could have written the posts without the self-revealing images. I didn’t imagine they would turn anyone on. In my defense, these intimate images illustrated the points I wanted to make. But I also felt a sense of exposure and humiliation by publishing them. As I’ve written before, I like those sensations.

A bit more confusing are the reasons that social media abound with guys publishing images of their own or other men’s penises. These are relatively safe places for such exposure. The question I ask myself is: Why do men want to display male sex organs? Wouldn’t straight men want to expose female genitalia? After all, aren’t female sexy parts what turn us on?

I have no interest in sexual activities with other men, even as part of a humiliation scene. In the past at play parties, naked men were present doing BDSM activities as bottoms. I enjoyed watching the play. It was also cool to see a dominant woman jerking her bottom off. It wasn’t arousing in the sense that his penis turned me on. But it was arousing when I thought of myself in his position. When I bottomed, I actually ended up in that very situation with my top making me come in full view of anyone who cared to watch as the end of almost every scene.

Perhaps penis pics are part of a similar fantasy. I’m pretty sure that a lot of porn fits this model. The guys watching it don’t feel attracted to the male in the videos. I think they see themselves in his position and find that arousing. I get that. But why publish pictures of your own penis?

The pictures I have used on the blog are of my flaccid penis. It’s not impressive in any way. I’m not saying my erections would make spectacular viewing; far from it. My feelings about posting those genital exposures don’t include any thought about how the viewer will react. It’s more like the feeling I got when I found myself tied down at a play party and jerked off with no regard of who was watching my show. It was a safe place where this activity is permitted and encouraged.

However, after I ejaculated and got dressed, I had to socialize with people who might have watched me orgasm. All those viewers were fully dressed while they watched. Some of them would joke about the scene. I invariably blushed when they did. In my case, exposure brought a strong feeling of vulnerability and humiliation. That turned me on. Of course, I knew it was a safe place and watchers knew in advance what they would see. I would never want to do this in front of people who didn’t agree to be exposed to sexual activity.

Publishing intimate pictures here is very much the same as being naked at a BDSM party. Our readers know this is a blog that addresses male sexual issues. It is a safe place for exposure. I’ve been rethinking using my images here. While they may be acceptable in terms of the blog, do they serve any purpose? Do our readers find them offensive? Are they illustrative and useful? Are they fun to see? Does being exposed make our readers think less of me? Do our female readers find them offputting. An inquiring lion would like to know. What think  you?



  1. Author

    Go for it. I myself do not fine it offensive at all and its jyst the human body bring it male or female. But there are times that erected penis can and is a turn on to me along with other sexual organs in the right setting. So as your using it it fine.

  2. Author

    An interesting read CL. I have many of the same feelings. I don’t mind seeing penises as part of your posts–it makes the post very real in a way. You have good taste in what you share and I don’t think you have to worry about your readers. I really have no interest in seeing or sharing erect male members though. Small caged penises are a different matter, probably because I’m also in a small cage.

    Thanks again for a fun blog.

    1. Author

      Since the main topic here is sexual control, there are limited reasons to show my erect penis. Ironically, the post I am thinking about for tomorrow would include my erect penis. I’m very hesitant to add it even though it fits the topic.

  3. Author

    Hi Caged Lion, i agree totally with Penney. I have only shown mine in the cage or if someone specially asks and then its only to them privately. Love your blog

  4. Author

    Your blog is sexual and NSFW, so dick pics are not shocking or are even expected. Every dick pic deserves not condemnation but an individual aesthetic judgment, which might turn out negative, but tastes are varying.
    . . . I can’t say if sending unsolicited dick pics by a stranger is harassment, but it seems to be an unconscious request to be blocked.

  5. Author

    Your penis is no more or less impressive than my own. It makes you relatable to your readers. Expose away.

    1. Author

      I never considered it would be a point of identification with my readers.Good thought!

  6. Author

    Lots of interesting talking points.

    First, I think you should expose your cock, both locked and unlocked as you are. As a Sadistic Dominant gay male, I take pleasure in your exposure, your humiliation, and your discomfort. And I think you should expose yourself more often in your submission in a variety of ways under Mrs. Lion’s authority.

    I believe that pictures denoting your vulnerability are fully acceptable in a blog like this, and anyone who is aware of the theme and has seen the adult warning has no right to suggest the material posted within is out of line. You don’t go into someone elses house and tell them how to decorate.

    The men who post unwanted cock pics have boundary issues. There is a time and place where that is appropriate. However, that line has become blurred over the past decade or so as our society has become so wrapped up in social websites and dating apps, instead of going out and actually meeting people.

    We lose a sense of consequence online, which is why we have such terrible issues with online bullies and such. The permissiveness of “anything goes” online encourages unhealthy behavior, one which we as a culture should question and vehemently discourage when it is in fact inappropriate. Boundaries are important, and mutual respect should always be encouraged.

    1. Author

      I’m not sure I agree with more exposure, but amen to the rest of your comment.

      1. Author

        I wonder what Mrs. Lion’s opinion is regarding it….

        1. Author

          In general, I don’t understand why guys send dick pics. As far as Lion sharing his on the site, I don’t think he overshares. He does it when it fits in with the post. As long as I can see it whenever I want to I’m a happy camper.

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