The 28th

new paddle
This is my new paddle. It is a “sandwich” of different woods. Click image to visit selling site.

Lion got me a new paddle. I know. What do we need with another paddle? This one, aside from being very pretty, is more “me” sized. Most of our other paddles were bought by Lion, for Lion. They fit him. I’m not saying I don’t fit any of them. This one was just purchased with me in mind. Lion’s butt, of course. My hand.

Naturally I had to try out the new paddle last night. It took quite a while for his buns to pink up. It’s been such a long time since he’s gotten any sort of spanking. Finally he was rosy and wriggling. He said his butt hurt for a while afterwards.

And then we moved on to edging. I’ve been getting him closer and closer to the edge lately. Last night I thought I went too far. i think Lion did too. We both held our breath for a few seconds. I’m pretty sure Lion will not lose interest as long as I’m edging him. That’s okay. The experiment can go on for a while longer. Once we get past the 22nd day it’s all cake.

Yesterday Lion said he figured he was waiting until the 28th. I countered by saying I hope he meant the 28th day and not the 28th of November. Oh, no. No, no. He meant the 28th day. But then I was thinking…Lion just had a mini panic attack…November 28 is “only” ten days after the 28th wait day. I bet Lion could make it that long.

I’m so evil for suggesting that. Of course Lion could make it. I do not want him to have to. Waiting 28 days is long enough. I’m not even sure I’ll make him wait that long. As I said, my goal is to make it past 22. I may not be as anxious as Lion is to come but I love giving him orgasms.

[Lion — If Mrs. Lion wants to wait until the 28th of November, she might as well wait until December 1st. That would not only make this my longest wait, but also the first orgasm-free month in my life.]


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    December 1 sounds like a good idea to me…

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    Go for it Dec. 1 its not that far

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