I’m always on the lookout for new things to read. Lately, I’ve noticed that blogs I enjoy are posting less and less often. Take a look at the “Blogs we read” listing on the right (if you are on a browser). You’ll see that almost all entries are very old. Almost all of these blogs used to have at least a post every week. I’m not saying that other blogs aren’t posting more frequently; just that my tried-and-true favorites seem to be petering out.

Maybe after a while, you say everything you have to say on the subject of male submission. I’ve felt that way at times, but try to soldier through. One of the main reason I want to post daily is to be able to go back and see the way we have changed over time. Both of us have made significant progress in our power exchange. Some of the changes are the result of long term experience.

The most obvious is the role a chastity device plays for us. My biggest discovery was that the device is my fetish and not a serious need for controlling my sexual release. I didn’t seriously think that I would masturbate if my penis was allowed to remain uncaged. However, I really like bondage and being locked in a chastity device is full-time bondage. I don’t think that Mrs. Lion ever considered the device any more than my kink.

So, the very premise of our blog shifted. I was all about devices, measuring, grill marks from suppressed hardons, and the joy of release. There were times I was allowed to be wild. They were when I went on a business trip or on our vacations in our camper. Otherwise, I remained comfortably caged. In April, I underwent rotator cuff surgery. I lost the use of my right arm for over four months. Sitting to pee was a painful chore. Getting up from the toilet was difficult.

Now that it has been six months since surgery, I have most of my range of motion back. I still can’t lift more than a couple of pounds with my right arm. I could return to my cage. But I haven’t. Mrs. Lion has made it clear that I only have to go back if I want to be locked up again, or I break a rule and get “sentenced” to several days in the cage without release.

So, with the exception of the punishment scenario, being locked into the Jail Bird is something that is completely up to me. If I let her know, Mrs. Lion will lock me up again and take control. She’ll do it because I want it, not because it has any particular value to her.

A lot of guys who wear devices are in the same boat as I. Perhaps being locked into a device is purely a male bondage fetish. I certainly discovered it and wanted to pursue it; not Mrs. Lion. I still can’t decide if I want to return to captivity. The Jail Bird sits on my nightstand gathering dust.


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    After a few days, I do begin to miss the feel of wearing my cage; it’s almost a security blanket of sorts…

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    When I first discovered chastity a year or so ago I read everything I could find. It didn’t take me long to realize that most of what I was reading had been written in 2012 – 2013….and then stopped.

    Whatever happened to Sarah James?

    Anyway, I frequently wonder what kind of odd dynamic is going on. At Kink events I see more & more chastised men….but you wouldn’t know it from what’s online. If the “fad” has come & gone, apparently kinksters haven’t gotten the word- but I do believe that the bloom has gone off the rise of blogging.

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    The blogs I read aren’t so particularly niche, but I notice when there is a collective dry spell.

    Realistically though, the average life of a blog is statistcally short. Anyone who has passed the six month mark is practically ancient. (Which puts me, at nearly six years of blogging, about as old as primordial ooze.)

    Things wax and wane though, and the community (whichever community/ies you participate in) will change over time. It can be disappointing when you “lose” people (i.e., when those people lose interest), but if you love what you do, keep doing it. 🙂

    If you write it, they will come. (Or not come, as the case may be. 😉 ) The next wave is no doubt just beyond the horizon.

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      This is the fourth year for us. While my reading material is vanishing, our readership keeps rising. Though we’ve never been nominated for anything. Editorial chastity?

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