Sometimes I Have Plans

I have a dilemma. It seems every time I think about making Lion wear panties or diapers he mentions something about it either in a post or in a conversation. Then I feel I can’t make him wear them because he’ll think I’m only doing it because he suggested it. He already thinks I see him as a chore. While it’s true that sometimes I think of the day after an orgasm as a day off, it isn’t always the case. I do ask if he’s at all horny. I’m not going to force him to play if he’s not horny.

And let’s assume he’s not horny for an extended period of time because he’s not feeling well from allergies or whatever. Am I supposed to insist we play? Depending on the circumstances I still hold him to his rules. But if he’s scratching the skin off his legs, telling him to wear panties would go over like a lead balloon. I know you’re miserable, Lion. Here’s one more reason to be miserable. Nope. I won’t do it.

What I do in these cases is stand by. I let him know I’m available for snuggling if he can handle my being close to him. Otherwise we can hold hands. Unless I’m not feeling well myself he can have any part of my attention he wants.

Right now I’m thinking he’ll be wearing panties to work tomorrow. Today is physical therapy and off limits for pantie wearing. Tomorrow is fair game. I think something in a nice purple thong. Of course if he’s not feeling well all bets are off. So much of what we do is contingent on life intervening.


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    Just make him wear panties. My wife started making me wear panties years ago and I wear them all the time. I wear them to the gym, doctors, work and everywhere else.

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      Did she make you or did you want to have her make you?

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