I didn’t feel well last night. Whatever illness is going around might have had me last night. So far I haven’t gotten it as bad as people I work with. They’ve been dropping like flies.

At any rate, we didn’t play last night. We did snuggle for a bit before Lion had to scratch an itch. We’re just a mess. The good news is that I feel a little better than I did yesterday. I’m looking forward to playing with Lion tonight.

I reminded Lion this morning that he was to wear purple panties today. I left before he got dressed so I can only assume he’s got a frilly butt. If not he’ll have a sore butt when I get done whomping it. Even though we haven’t been feeling well the rules still apply.

In his post today, Lion talks about being wild and how the Jail Bird is gathering dust on his nightstand. My position has been that I’ll use the cage as punishment if need be. However, I’m wondering, if Lion wants to, can he “vacation” from time to time in the cage? In other words, can I have him wear it as I have him wearing panties today just because I want him to? Of course I can. But how will he view that? How does he view wearing panties for that matter? Does he see them as some sort of punishment? They aren’t meant to be.

If anything, panties are meant to show him who’s boss. I suppose the cage’s purpose was to show him who’s boss. So we should be able to use the cage just as we use the panties. Done. Any time I want to remind him that I am in charge I can make him wear the cage.