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Lion is a complicated critter. Sure there’s some vanilla. But mostly there’s chocolate and a lot of nuts.

Lion wonders if we are just becoming a vanilla couple since we don’t often do things other than snuggle and he has sex of some sort. He wants me to take control and punish him and do things to him. I wondered if he would be complaining about vanilla sex while I was sucking him last night. I doubt it.

The things is, I think I am taking control by deciding when he comes out of this cage and what we do while he’s wild. And isn’t edging and wearing the cage in the first place pretty far from a vanilla thing to do? How many vanilla couples have rules and punishments? How many vanilla couples have the man wear panties? How many vanilla couples have a collection of paddles hanging on the back of the bedroom door?

I know Lion gets bored when “all we do” is snuggle and I “just” edge him. He should be happy he gets so much attention. He should be happy he gets unlocked as often as he does. Apparently, from what I’ve read in other blogs and comments to our blog, some men are locked away for weeks at a time. And some men have to wait a lot longer to have an orgasm. Lion is a lucky boy. [Lion – I’m lucky and I know it. I haven’t complained about being vanilla in ages. I love to snuggle with Mrs. Lion. I’m writing this while wearing a frilly thong. The power exchange is alive and well for me!]

Actually he was surprised by his oral orgasm last night. It’s only been three days since his last one. I told him I was looking to even the score between oral and hand orgasms. Most of his orgasms have been by my hand. But we both love oral orgasms. So I’m on a mission to move oral orgasms ahead. I’m sure Lion won’t argue.

After his orgasm I was looking for panties on my iPad. If his hip huggers fall down, he’ll need replacements. It’s too bad. Some of the hip huggers would have been fun to see on him. I suppose he can still prance around a bit for me in them. But I’m getting away from the point of my looking at panties. When Lion looked over and noticed what I was doing he groaned. Part of him “likes” wearing panties. Another part hates it. I’m pretty sure there’s another part that hates that he likes it. Lion is a complicated man.


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    Mrs Edge does not identify as kinky. Whenever we’ve had any conversations about it, she just shrugs it off and says “We like what we like” and leaves it at that. Kink is something that women on the internet do – wear leather and do other vaguely dommish things.

    She really enjoys the T&D, and the chastity cages because it gives her a degree of control. Other than that (and an occasional session with her crop or canes), we’re pretty vanilla.

    1. Author

      Thanks Tom.I think the Internet is obsessed with labels. I remember the fierce debate around a proper term for a female dominant. Whew! The final winner is just plain silly (Domme). I guess the kink label is a way we try to differentiate what we each think is vanilla and what we think is outside the box. We never talk about kink. We are who we are. What we do is vanilla to us. When I complain about being too vanilla, I’m using the word to suggest that I’m not feeling our power exchange the way I want.

  2. Author

    > When I complain about being too vanilla, I’m using the word to suggest that I’m not feeling our power exchange the way I want.

    An excellent insight.

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