Cooperative Domination

wood paddle
This says it all

Sometimes, what seem to be little things turn out to have a lot of impact. Our recent panty activities  is a case in point. I now have about ten pairs of panties. I wear one of them when Mrs. Lion tells me. The thing is that every morning she informs me whether I wear my regular underwear or whether I will wear panties.

No big deal, right? Wrong! This daily command is a sexy exercise of power that affects me at the beginning of every day. I no longer know whether I will be in a frilly thong or my red Calvin Klein men’s boxer briefs. If I am to wear panties, they stay on even after I come home. When I shower, I have to put them back on and they only come off when Mrs. Lion tells me to remove them. If I wear my normal underwear, I am naked from the time I get home until I dress the next day.

I’m not sure why this is a big deal to me, but it is. Perhaps it is because this is a true expression of Mrs. Lion’s power. Even putting on my regular underpants feels different because she told me to wear them. She’s making a decision that affects my entire day.

People have commented that Mrs. Lion isn’t in charge because I generally come up with the things she does. After all, I asked for enforced chastity. I asked her to spank me. And, I did suggest panties. All are my ideas based on my kinky needs.

Mrs. Lion agreed to all of them. Here’s where it gets interesting. Yes, she locks me up as I requested. But she controls my lockup to her standards. I asked to play the game. She made up the rules. Similarly, I am spanked well past the point I want. It stops being pleasure and becomes punishment. She stops when she wants to. I have no say in the matter. I wanted the humiliation of panties and other frilly things. I’m getting them just the way she wants me to wear them.

Domination does not require the dominant partner to think up what she does to her submissive. Much of the time, the dominant partner takes on that role because her partner needs her to do it. She may love the power when she gets it, but she is doing it because he needs it.

I am very sure that Mrs. Lion would never assume her role on her own. We could be married 100 years and it would never occur to her. I’m sure this is true of most couples who are in a power exchange. She’s my soul mate and I would be with her if she never lifted a paddle again. The fact that she has taken on her role is a sign of her love for me.

She isn’t following a script I wrote for her. She is learning through trial and error what works for her and what works for me. She focuses, perhaps too much, on what works for me. I encourage her to have fun and be a lot less concerned about how much I like something. If she likes it, I will learn to accept and perhaps like what she does. It much more important to me that she has a good time.


  1. Author

    {Machine Translation}You play this game, what a way of life is in the right way. With mutual respect. We also live in this way for a number of years. I’m fine and my sub is also very satisfied. You should get used to my role Of masters but grew up in it. Do not just like it. I think it’s very good.

    jullie spelen dit spel,wat een manier van leven is op de goede manier.met wederzijds respect.zelf leven wij ook een aantal jaren op deze manier.bevalt mij prima en mijn sub is ook zeer tevreden.heb zelf even moeten wennen aan mijn rol van meesteres maar ben daar in gegroeid.gaat niet zomaar.bevalt me zeer goed.

  2. Author

    I’m really happy that you enjoy our adventures. Looks like your keyholder is taking hints from us. 🙂

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