How ironic is it that Lion is getting punished for forgetting it was punishment day? All day I waited for him to tell me. I even hinted at one point that I hoped he’d make it through the day without a punishable offense. By rights I should have spanked him again. Three days in a row would have really sent a message. But I figured I’d give him a break. Diapers it is.

The only guidelines I gave him initially was that he wear diapers for twenty-four hours. I few minutes later he asked if he could change them. Duh! Of course. I don’t want him wearing the same stinky diaper for twenty-four hours. And he doesn’t have to poop in them. That would be way too messy. However, Lion may have found a loophole. I was not clear as to when he can change the diaper. He thinks he can change it as soon as he’s wet. That’s no fun! What good is it if he’s always in a dry diaper?

Nope. A dry diaper will not do. So I’m changing the parameters a bit. I don’t think I’ll be as mean as I’ve been in the past. He doesn’t always have to have a wet diaper. For this punishment, he has to sit in a wet diaper for at least an hour before he can change it. Assuming he doesn’t have to pee again right away, he’ll be in a dry diaper for a good portion of the time.

Oh, and an unintended consequence of the punishment is that I don’t want to play with a stinky weenie so he won’t get any action until he’s out of the diaper and showered on Saturday afternoon/evening. Fair warning, Lion. We’ll snuggle, but no weenie rubs. On the plus side, for Lion at least, he won’t get spanked either. But he still needs to be careful. Any infractions during the diaper period will result in increased diaper time or increased wet diaper time. He won’t get away with anything.

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