Combination Punishment

I got a lot done yesterday. Manscaping, laundry, some cleaning, general things that needed to be done. Lion did a lot too. He cooked dinner and was on his knees a lot for manscaping. By the end of the day we were both done for. Lion was in pain and I was just looking to relax a bit.

Needless to say, we didn’t play. We started to snuggle but Lion needed ice so we wound up holding hands and watching TV. Not the worst thing in the world. Maybe not what Lion had in mind, but nice just the same.

I’d reminded him at the beginning of the evening that he had some swats coming to him. He’d walked out of the bedroom without asking permission and he also ate first at lunch. Both times he said he didn’t realize he’d done it. And when I reminded him, he got a little belligerent. I knew he was in pain so I let it go.

This morning Lion reminded me it’s punishment day. He knows I owe him swats. He asked if it would just be a spanking or a combination punishment. I’ve never done a combination punishment. Once, I made him stand in the bathroom in the dark for five minutes, but that’s the extent of my alternative punishment. He says it will make more of an impression on him than a short spanking will. Apparently I don’t spank him hard/long enough to get my point across.

I guess it’s just one more thing I don’t get. However, I am nothing if not stubborn when it comes to doing things to Lion. If he wants a combination punishment, he’ll have one. Tonight, after his swats (which may or may not be hard or long enough to remember) he’ll stand behind the bedroom door, staring at the paddles hung there and contemplate life as it pertains to said paddles. I may even give him a quiz as to the location of certain paddles to see if he’s paid attention.

Yup. 2.0 keeps popping out.