Sore Butt

Lion insists he didn’t say I don’t hit hard enough or long enough. He insists that wasn’t one of the reasons for his request for combination punishments. I think he’s wrong. He said until 2.0 shows up, he thought we should try spanking and then standing in the corner or a soapy mouth. He did.

I think he changed his tune when I came at him with a mean paddle last night to administer his punishment swats. I allowed him to get as comfortable as he could with the shoulder and then I whomped away on his butt. After the fourth one he was moving out of the way. He said it hurt a lot. Good. That’s the point. After a few more swats he was telling me about the sore spot that I shouldn’t hit anymore. I told him the bruise that usually gets raised was back. After a few more he said we were done. Really? Are we? It’s a good thing I had already reached the level of pain I was looking to achieve. Then I had him stand in the corner for about five minutes.

I’m still not sure about having him stand there, but it did give me a nice view of his red cheeks. He said it made him concentrate on the pain. I guess that’s the point. Stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done, young man. But in this case it was think about your sore buns.

Lion suggested that some men are required to hold a coin against the wall while they stand in the corner. This seemed extreme to me. I found a small notebook that has a padded cover. I figured it would be softer for Lion’s first foray into corner standing and because it was thicker, it would be easier to hold than a coin. He did drop it but that was because he had an itch. He was worried he’d have more swats coming to him for dropping the book. I wasn’t prepared to do that since it was the first attempt. Maybe I will in the future. I haven’t decided. I haven’t decided about the whole combination punishment thing. It was hard enough for me to agree to spanking him. Making him stand in a corner or washing his mouth out with soap might be too much on the this-is-ridiculous scale.

That said, I’ll probably do it anyway. That’s what I do to keep Lion happy.


  1. Author

    I prefer the “Yellow” and “Red” safewords to these random whiney complaints of his. If he really wants it to stop then it’s Red and everything stops. If he wants to tell you that you are exceeding his limits, he may say Yellow. I always made it a game to get him to say Yellow, then back off a bit, and then get him to say Yellow again, and so on. Great way to test his limits. But there should be punishment for him saying Red when he is uninjured, perhaps a week without Domming, then two next time, and so on.

    I am a fan of the coin, but the little book works great as well. We just need someway of making sure his nose is against the wall. I also like binding his wrists in one layer of Scotch Tape. He can easily break it if he needs to for safety reasons. Otherwise, you can leave him there alone, or even go out for a few minutes to run an errand. If the book is on the ground when you get back, or if the tape is broken, it’s a repeat performance of the paddling and back in the corner to do it right the second time (or third, or fourth, …)

    Be careful with soap. If you leave it in his mouth for too long (like 5 minutes or so) it can really burn in the caustic sense. We know from experience!

    1. Author

      Mrs. Lion is going to try Red and Yellow. She hasn’t said what happens if I cry “Red”.

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