Waiting For Ejaculation

jail bird chastity device
This is my trusty Jail Bird. I’ve been wearing it for over three years.

My libido appears to have returned. Monday night after Mrs. Lion fell asleep, my imagination was running wild and Mrs. Lion’s weenie was at attention. That is a very rare occurrence. Too bad I’m not allowed to jerk off. I sure wanted to do it. I have no idea what made last night different, but I like it, especially when I’m not caged.

Speaking of cages, I’ve been buying and trying them for years. One and only one has proven to be comfortable enough for me to wear 24/7 for years on end. That’s the Mature Metal Jailbird. It’s an open cage design. That makes it appear less secure than the models that fully enclose the penis, but don’t be fooled, it is pretty good.

I don’t consider security a major requirement of a male chastity device. It just has to be secure enough to take a dedicated, probably-painful effort to get it off. The key security requirement is that erection and orgasm are prevented by the device. The Jail Bird is very effective. In over three years of wearing the device, I can attest to that.

Right now I am cage free as I heal from my shoulder injury. I don’t expect to be this way much longer.  I really like being wild. Monday night’s erection felt very good. That may sound odd, but in almost 3 1/2 years the only times I could experience a full erection were the times Mrs. Lion unlocked me for teasing. That’s the point of enforced male chastity.

When I was unlocked prior to my shoulder surgery, I worried that an extended period of being allowed to be wild would cause us to forget the positive sexual changes we made as a result of me being caged. I’m very happy to report that didn’t happen. Mrs. Lion still snuggles with me and  plays with my penis. She hasn’t teased me. So far, every time she turns me on, she eventually lets me come. That’s really nice.

She has a reason for all these orgasms: I’ve stopped providing semen. It’s very unclear to me why this has happened. Mrs. Lion thinks it’s a medication (opiods), but I’ve stopped taking them. This lack of product doesn’t change the pleasure I get from coming. It feels to me like something is coming out. I trust my lioness. If she feels frequent orgasms will help the return of semen, I’m on board. I wonder if the return of the Jail Bird is based on semen production.

So I wait. Even with the campaign to get me to produce semen, I am under orgasm control. With or without the chastity device, the rules are in full force. I can not sexually touch her weenie at any time. Only she may provide sexual stimulation. Fortunately, she is providing a lot.



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      I don’t agree with their choices. But then, that’s my opinion. Some people may find these off-the-shelf devices fit comfortably. Most don’t. I stand by my recommendation that the Mature Metal Jail Bird is generally the one that most people like. It does cost much more than the cheap ones.

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