Time for Fun

Aside from the fact that Lion is still falling asleep at the drop of a hat, he seems to be returning to normal. He’s been horny lately. Very horny. Erections in the middle of the night horny. Unfortunately, since he fell asleep during prime Lion sex time last night, he didn’t get any.

I could have been nice and helped him out once he woke up. He couldn’t have used the excuse of being too tired at that point. But I didn’t. I figured I’d let him fester for another day. I’ll take care of him tonight. I’m sure he’ll enjoy himself and won’t even think about having to wait another day for attention.

We played Zapardy last night. Since our server crashed, there may not be any references to Zapardy available. Basically, Lion puts his training collar on and he gets zapped for incorrect answers on Jeopardy. If he gets enough answers correct, I can forgive random incorrect answers. He did very well. He only got five answers wrong which earned him three zaps. He was getting so many right I was afraid I wouldn’t get a chance to zap him at all. As you can tell, I forgave two incorrect answers along the way in exchange for a whole bunch of correct answers. He may have been on fire, but his balls were not.

Tonight I think I’ll bring out my bag of tricks and see what trouble I can get Lion into. He cringes when he sees it coming. The Velcro is in there. But it also has clothespins, including those tiny bastards, and assorted other goodies. He doesn’t mind the regular clothespins. Perhaps, since we’re starting out slowly, I’ll make porcupine balls with the regular clothespins. It’s a manageable pain, but pain nonetheless.

It looks like Lion’s dance card is full for the evening.