While the Lion’s Away

Next week, while Lion is away on business, I have plans to get things cleaned up around the house. Of course, I usually plan to do things and they never get done. This time, however, I have the added incentive of getting things ready for his surgery. In addition to cleaning, I’ll be thinking about ways to help Lion feel my power while he’s recuperating.

Obviously, the rules won’t be in play. He’s bound to feel power loss because he can’t do a lot of things right away. But how do I make him feel my power as opposed to his loss of power because of the surgery? The loving Mrs. Lion will cook for him and help him to the bathroom and help him in the shower. But 2.0 needs him to realize that he needs to keep his buns in bed while he’s under the influence of narcotics. She also needs to make him realize that a certain amount of whining is expected, but there is a line. He will be growled at when he crosses that line.

Maybe I need to develop “the look” that many mothers have that can stop their kids dead in their tracks. You know the one that says, “You should put that down this minute” or “Don’t even think about it.” Yeah. I need one of those.

When Lion was in the ER for his kidney stones, he was being cranky and finally the male nurse told him that people come to the ER for help and if he didn’t want their help he should leave. (He was my hero at that moment.) I’m sure there will be more than one moment like that in the weeks/months following surgery. I’ll just have to put on my 2.0 panties and let him know who’s boss.

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