Lion Mailbag

We get a fairly large number of inquiries and stories. The most frequent topic centers around a male chastity device. The writers either complain about bad fit and want advice, or share long stories about how their keyholders torture them. I sympathize with the first issue. It takes some time and experimentation to get a chastity device that fits well and feels good.  There’s nothing I can write beyond our page on the subject that will be useful.

The second “problem” is clearly fantasy. I can understand that it is very hot to share a chastity story. I envision the writer alternating typing and jerking off. Clearly, some stories are much more fun to write than they are to read. The spelling and grammar tends to deteriorate as the story plods along. I assume that the closer the writer gets to orgasm, the less meticulous his writing style.

I suppose both sorts of communication are natural. I certainly understand the frustration involved in sizing and wearing a new chastity device. I don’t think anyone is lucky enough to hit the perfect size on the first try. I certainly went through a lot of time, pain, and money before my Jail Bird was perfect.

This isn’t meant to discourage anyone from testing out enforced chastity. As a kink it is big fun. An inexpensive device from will give you a chance to try out this kink for less than $50USD. Don’t expect a great fit and certainly don’t try to wear it for more than a few days at a time. But it will give you a taste.

Once  you decide you want to be locked up for more time, you may want to consider a custom cage. My Jail Bird comes from Mature Metal. It cost about $400. Adjustments to size are reasonably priced. You will need adjustments. Everyone does. But if you are serious about long term wear, you need to be serious about buying something that fits well.

Mrs Lion and I have been practicing male chastity for over three years. We’re not tired of it. For us, it will be a lifetime practice.