Planning For Recovery

cold therapy machine
This is the cold therapy machine that Mrs. Lion found. It will assist healing and reduce my pain.

I worked from home yesterday. In fact, I didn’t leave our new bed except for biological necessities. My shoulder was giving me trouble all Thursday night and I decided to make good use of telecommuting. In a way, it was a rehearsal for how it will be after the surgery.

Mrs. Lion and I have been working on ways to accommodate a three-pawed lion. You may wonder why the extended references to our big-cat alter egos. We have been doing it for years and it never ceases to amuse. Aside from identity protection, these nicknames provide a sort of “pet name” with benefits situation. I hope it doesn’t get tedious for you to read these references.

Anyway, we are very happy with our new bed with electric head and foot adjustment. Without the ability to bring up my head and provide some knee uplift, I wouldn’t be able to sleep in bed for months after the surgery. A flat bed, I’ve read, is impossibly painful while recovering. Aside from our cars, the new bed is the most expensive purchase we have made since we’ve been together.

We also bought an “ice machine”. This is a device that has an ice-chest and a pump that circulates cold water through a pad that is made for the shoulder. It’s like a continuous ice pack. Keeping cold on the shoulder is critical to healing and pain control. We also bought an over-the-bed, hospital-like table. That way I can more easily use a laptop and other stuff.

The most recent item in this surgical spending spree is “Dragon Naturally Speaking” for my laptop. I wasn’t sure it would be very good. But after trying it out today, I am sold. It will go a long way toward easing me back to work and communicating with people. There’s a learning curve, but I can practice for about three weeks before the operation. All this acquisition has cost most of my savings. We spent a lot more than the actual medical expenses will be. Fortunately, those costs are fully covered by my insurance.

Mrs. Lion is diligently researching ways to make my life easier. She found the over-bed table and other items, including the cold therapy machine that will make things bearable for me. She is a true partner in everything. I believe the reason we are successful with male chastity and domestic discipline is the amount of investment Mrs. Lion is willing to make to improve my life. She continues to work hard to refine our power exchange. In her post yesterday, she revealed that she is working on how to assert her power during the time she has suspended her rules.

I have no doubt that by the time I am recovering, she will have a clear view of how to maintain our FLR. The male chastity part won’t be an issue. Sex isn’t at the top of my interests right now.