Orgasm Workout

I was wrong. Lion was horny yesterday. So I thought I’d take advantage of it and start his daily orgasm workout. I think by Wednesday he may be sorry he suggested this experiment. When we were all snuggled in for sleep, I realized Lion was still wild. He’s not at all frustrated anymore so it’s not a big deal. Plus, with daily orgasms, it will be easy for me to have access if I don’t have to unlock him.

Yesterday afternoon, Lion asked if I could try out the tawse on him. I didn’t hit him hard. It wasn’t punishment. He just wanted to see how it felt. He says it stings, but he can’t feel the individual tails. He’s pretty sure it will become my go-to punishment implement. I’m not. I guess with practice I might get better with it, but anything flexible has a tendency to wander off and not land where I want it to. That’s why I don’t use floggers or straps very often. I tend to use them more when we play since I’m not hitting as hard.

We have some rubber paddles/straps that are somewhat flexible, but they hit where they’re aimed. One is about 3 inches wide so it covers a nice area. The other is about an inch wide. That’s the one I need to find so I can concentrate the swats in one particular area. I’m not looking to bruise Lion necessarily. I just want to hit right on the areas he’ll be sitting on so he feels it for longer.

Tonight we’ll continue with Lion’s daily orgasm workout. I haven’t heard the Lion weather report yet. I was very surprised that he was horny yesterday. He may surprise me again today.