Turn Back The Clock

The other night, as Mrs. Lion finished putting my cage back on after teasing, she said that maybe in March after my orgasm, I would have to come every night for as many days as I waited this time. That will be at least 25, since on March 1 my wait will have been 25 days. Fortunately, for me the drought ended last night after 22 days.

I’ve read that a man’s ability to ejaculate depends on how often he gets to come. The idea is that if a male only comes once in many days, his ability to orgasm will diminish to match the actual frequency of his ejaculations. Conversely, if he ejaculates frequently — say, once a day — he will retain that ability throughout his life.

I know that when we first started enforced chastity, Mrs. Lion decided that she would make me come every day. She reasoned that if she controls my sex, she can make me come after a long wait, or if she likes, more than once a day. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to experience being forced to wait. But she persisted. After less than a week, I was not looking forward to that daily wank. It just wasn’t fun anymore.

So, when Mrs. Lion proposed the extended daily orgasm plan, I wondered what it will be like. I know it won’t be fun, at least for a while. But, if she keeps it up long enough, will I become conditioned to daily ejaculations? Will I produce more semen? Will I look forward to that daily orgasm instead of dreading it? I suspect that if she can keep going long enough, I will probably learn to produce the necessary semen. I might also learn to look forward to the daily activity. It might become an anticipated and expected part of my day.

Once this routine is fully established, I am sure Mrs. Lion will then lock me up without orgasm for an extended period of time. At least, that’s what she suggested. Will it be that much harder to accept? Will the daily teasing feel crueler? I’m sure it will.

The biggest question is whether it is possible to condition me to daily ejaculation? Even before we began enforced chastity, my free-range orgasm frequency was between one and three times a week. I have no doubt that Mrs. Lion will be able to get me off every day. It may be hard work, but if she wants it to happen it will. We’ll know if she is successfully turning back my sexual clock by how I respond to daily orgasms once they are an established part of our routine.

I think there are a couple of indicators that will reveal if this experiment succeeds. First, will I get erect without too much effort. Last time she tried this, after a few days it was very difficult to get me erect. Mrs. Lion quit at that point. If when she persists regardless of how I feel about it, will I regain the ability to enjoy 7-day-a-week ejaculations? The second indicator will be semen production. Will there be semen every time I come. In the past I have had semen-free ejaculations if orgasms were frequent.

If she decides to do this experiment, I suspect that it will take quite a bit of persistent daily orgasms with me having trouble cooperating before the clock will be turned back. I haven’t read of any experiments like this. Perhaps sexual decline is permanent and can’t be reversed. Even if that’s the case, I know that Mrs. Lion has the tools and the skills to force orgasms out of me no matter what. That would be much harder for me than being forced to wait.

On the other hand, if persistent effort pays off, then Mrs. Lion’s orgasm control can go into high gear. Even very short waits will be difficult and frustrating to her newly-conditioned lion. I think I could easily get in the habit of expecting every session of weenie play to end in orgasm. When that suddenly stops, it will be very frustrating for me.

I may be completely wrong about what I think will happen. I have written for  years that extended waits are fairly easy for me to handle, since my desire to come diminishes after a couple of weeks. Now that Lioness 2.0 edges so effectively, after over three weeks I am hornier than I can ever remember being. 2.0 loves my frustration. She seems eager to do more sexual experiments on me. As she likes to point out, “You will have a good time, eventually.”