Daily Lion Orgasms

As you might imagine, I’m not all that interested in sex right now. I’m learning that Mrs. Lion can make me interested even if I start out not being in the mood. There’s no question that I’m not accustomed to daily orgasms. It’s been years since I’ve had sex more than three times a week. Since we began enforced chastity, I have had less than one a week on average.

Mrs. Lion’s experiment is to see what happens if she makes me come every day. Will I regain my stamina? Or, will I just get sick of sex and beg for a long wait? At this point, my money is on begging for a wait. I’ve been wrong in the past. Maybe I will learn to enjoy daily sex. That could be worse than giving up. I could get used to daily orgasms and then be locked up for a couple of weeks with no relief. Ironic.

I’m wondering about non-sexual reactions to this increased sexual activity. Others have reported post-orgasm depression. I’ve never experienced this, but yesterday I was very tired. I can’t attribute this to more sex. My shoulder is hurting from an injury last year. A cortisone shot I got in December has worn off. The pain interrupts my sleep. I can say that I feel as close as ever to my lioness. I want to be with her just as much as I did when I was 22-days horny.

I may also be tired because of my recent surgery. My doctor told me that it can take weeks to get back to full strength. It’s entirely too easy to attribute things to my newly-started daily orgasm schedule. I’m not convinced that my emotional state is particularly affected by how recently I ejaculated.

The more interesting question is whether I can get hard and come every day for almost a month. Ten years ago it would have been no challenge. But now I wonder if I can (literally) keep it up.



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    According to just about every account you should expect to be tired. You may also become now prone to catching colds.
    I never realised orgasm had that effect on me until I started to be denied. And now absolutely, objectively, measurably I have more energy when denied over a week with energy levels higher after 2 weeks. I can work out for longer push myself harder and not feel it.

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