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After my post yesterday, saying I wanted Lion to wait until March, I decided he had suffered long enough. I was teasing him orally and the slightest movements seemed to be getting him close. When I decided to give him his orgasm, however, it took a little bit of doing. I was surprised. Maybe he’d conditioned himself to let me know well in advance that he was close so I wouldn’t accidentally make him come. That’s okay. I like a challenge.

I don’t think he had any idea until he was about to come that it was his night. He had a theory that an orgasm would hurt after being denied for so long. Or, at the very least, that it wouldn’t be as good as your ordinary orgasm. He was wrong. He gave me lots of creme filling and he enjoyed giving it to me. He was a very happy, non-frustrated Lion last night. Now I think he’s a little nervous about whether he’ll have to come every night for 22 nights. I haven’t decided. It’s a lot of work for me. It’s an interesting experiment, but is it worth the trouble?

Lion wants to see if an orgasm every night will get him back in “fighting” shape. Many years ago he could come every night. Now we’re both older. Even if he could, do I want him to? What would happen to enforced chastity if he gets an orgasm every night? Sure, he’s still only having sex with me, but it’s not exactly enforced chastity anymore. Yes, he’d be locked up so he couldn’t masturbate, but would he even want to masturbate?

If we started tonight, I think I’d have some trouble getting him aroused after such a big orgasm last night. We haven’t talked about Lion weather. I assume it’s cool. I can’t imagine he’s horny again already. So let’s assume I give it a few days. What if we started March 1? From then until March 22, he’d have an orgasm a night. By March 5th, I bet he’d be tired of it. I’d have to bring out the Magic Wand more often. Even then, it would be difficult. I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m wondering if it should be done.

As of right now, and we’ll talk about it again, I’m thinking we’ll go back to random wait times of anywhere from a day to 14 days. The longer wait was an anomaly because of Lion’s illness. Those roughly two weeks of his not feeling well just sort of fell into my lap and I decided to extend them into the longer wait. Even a 14 day wait will not happen often. I like to mix it up to keep him off balance.


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    Thanks for your blog firstly. I love it. Me and a male friend have been looking into chastity for a while and its really helped- especially reading your side Mrs lion.

    In regards to coming everyday- I think it would be an interesting experiment – but if you dont think Lion could handle it just up his orgasms for the time period- again not letting him know when. He may not release for 3 dahs but then he may have to go twice?

    Looking forward to reading what you decide to do.


  2. Author

    Just curious, how long had it been since his last orgasm? Were there any milkings or drainings of any type during his lock up?

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