The Bottom Line

I find myself starting to waver. Part of me wants Lion to wait till March for an orgasm, and part of me wants to give him one today. So far, despite his best efforts, I’ve been able to restrain myself. Last night he was bucking into my hand and almost gave himself an orgasm. He’s desperate. He’s frustrated. He just wants to come.

Lion presented an argument a few weeks ago that I should make him wait a long time and then make him have an orgasm every night for a certain length of time. He’s curious how that would go. So last night I asked him what he thought would happen if I made him come as many nights in a row as he’d waited. Tonight will be 22 days. If I give him an orgasm tonight and one for the following 21 days, could he handle it? He said I’d probably have to get creative to get him aroused that many days in a row.

If you remember, when we started our little “game” of enforced chastity, I did make Lion come every night for a while. When we first moved in together, Lion wanted sex every night. That got to be a bit too much for me, so we backed off. Eventually we backed off so much that sex was non-existent. I figured Lion would love having sex every night again. Nope. His body had changed. And his mind was set on chastity. Now he wanted to be teased and denied. But not for too long. His sweet spot, he figured, is every four days. As long as I give him an orgasm every four days, he’ll be a happy camper. Silly boy. He shouldn’t have given me so much power if he wanted the every-four-days arrangement.

We’ve gone through a few different iterations of trying to figure out when he should have his orgasms. Roll some dice, flip a coin, tell him when he’ll come, don’t tell him when he’ll come. Currently, I’m deciding when and not telling him. Except, he was sick for a while and didn’t care about sex so much. February was dragging out and his wait time was lengthening and I realized he would be close to his longest wait by the time he cared about sex again. So why lose all that ground he covered when he was sick? Let’s incorporate it into a longer wait.

People who try to break world records rarely try to break it by one. If I’ve gone to the trouble of bouncing on a pogostick for almost 207,000 bounces, I’m going to try to smash the record by going to 208,000 or even 250,000. Last night was Lion’s 21st day. He’s matched his longest wait. Why make him come tonight? With March right around the corner, it made sense to me to make him wait till March 1. At least. That makes February a one orgasm month. His fewest orgasms per month since we started male chastity. I think that’s a big accomplishment. Lion just wants to come.

There’s no real reason Lion should wait until March 1 for an orgasm. It’s just a date that seemed attainable. There’s no real reason he has to wait more than 21 days. There’s no real reason he has to wait 4 days. They’re just numbers. All that matters is that I want to give him an orgasm. Or that I don’t. The bottom line is that he’ll come when I want him to come, because I said so. And that’s all the reason I need.


  1. Author

    I think you should make him wait. He has had too many orgasms already. The change may do him good. There’s nothing as good as waiting for something special and at the end of the day it’s your choice not his. Don’t give in yet March sound’s good or even April ????

  2. Author

    I agree with Wolfgang. Wait until at least Mar 1st. Lion can handle it. Maybe even a few days into March. I had my first orgasm Friday after nearly 6 weeks waiting. It felt like my insides were bursting out. My GF was happy she gave me a hand job instead of me cuming inside her. I could have broken her!

  3. Author

    I get a release on average of once a month. Next will be on my birthday, March 5th.. I hope! Let him wait.. It is enforced chastity after all

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