Mrs. Lion’s Hobby (NSFW)

lion being masturbated
This is how Lion generally gets sex.

One key activity that many males in enforced chastity enjoy is tease and deny. In my case that means Mrs. Lion masturbates me just enough to get me on the edge of ejaculation and stops. This is an extreme form of what we used to call cock teasing. Mrs. Lion does this almost every day. Her hand is amazing. She knows just how to rub me the right way. It shouldn’t be surprising that after she’s done this several times, I’m desperate for her to let me come. She doesn’t. After I calm down, I put on the base ring and Mrs. Lion locks the cage around her weenie.

In a typical week, I get edged at least 30 times.  Mrs. Lion’s hand is quite busy. When she decides to take me out of my misery, she almost always uses her hand for that too. That’s her hand at work in the image (right). She says she likes doing this. Everyone needs a hobby.

I never imagined that my sex life would be more than 99% masturbation. It never occurred to me that masturbation would never include my hand. After more than three years my sexual fantasies always end up with Mrs. Lion giving me a hand job.  The fantasy may include spanking, oral sex, even intercourse, but invariably it ends up with Mrs. Lion finishing me off with her hand. My semen typically ends up being fed to me when she is done.

In the beginning of our relationship, sex followed this pattern. Mrs. Lion would tease me and get me hard. She would mount me cowgirl-style. She would ride for a while, then she would move over my mouth and I would continue with my tongue. When she had enough orgasms, she would dismount and masturbate me to orgasm. At least half the time, she would feed me the result. We were both very happy with that pattern.

During the dark days when we avoided sex with one another, I would masturbate between one and three times a week. About once a month I would signal that I wanted sex. I almost never came out and asked for it. I would scooch over to her in bed. She knew that was my signal. She would sit up and jerk me off. Occasionally, she would give me oral release.

I don’t feel badly about this. My fantasy started the hand job pattern 15 years ago. I love how it feels when Mrs. Lion jerks me off. I love her pussy and mouth too. My very first sexual experience with another person was a hand job. I went to an all-boys prep school, so I didn’t have the opportunity to interact with girls until my first year at college. My date was as inexperienced as I. We were both horny. After a long period of clumsy petting, we got naked. She shyly touched my penis (it was mine then). I showed her how I masturbate. She took over. I learned how to use my finger to please her. Over time we became very good with our hands. Eventually, we used our mouths too. We never fucked.

Here I am many years later with my sex life primarily masturbation. Mrs. Lion has learned to be a consummate expert at massaging her weenie. She always sees my appreciation of her work. I am occasionally fed the result.