Welcome Home

Lion was gone for a week. Apparently he forgot things while he was away. Like maybe, who’s in charge. He forgot his manners. He forgot his equipment. I’m glad I’m here to remind him.

We went out to get the oil changed in Lion’s car. Then we went to lunch. During lunch, my son called. Before I answered, I told Lion who it was. He didn’t hear me. Let me say that my voice is still somewhat raspy from time to time, although it is showing signs of going back to normal, and Lion either hasn’t really been listening or he really can’t hear me. He didn’t know who was on the phone until I was off.

My son is in the army. He’s a sergeant. He knows a little bit about the ins and outs of army life. Lion has never been in the army. When I recounted my conversation, Lion asked for clarification of a few things and then told me the correct way for my son to proceed. It was the only way for things to be done. As we talked, he seemed to listen less and less to me, and more and more to himself. Then he interrupted me. I told him he earned a punishment right there for interrupting. He didn’t like that idea at all. Too bad! (We always get into heated discussions when it comes to what my son should or shouldn’t do. In the army, there is very little wiggle room. You follow orders. You have little input on how something should be done.) So when we got home and he was in his uniform, I told him to roll over and gave him a good bunch of whacks. I knew they hurt and he thanked me for them.

Later on, we went out to dinner. Along the way, we saw a sign about a restaurant that’s coming to the area. It didn’t sound familiar so I decided to look it up when we got to our restaurant. As soon as my phone was in my hand, I saw Lion wince. I checked the training collar app. What a surprise! Lion had forgotten to wear it. He’d remembered it on our previous trip out of the house. He even asked me if I had my phone that time. He wanted me to check up on him. Not this time. He was sans collar. More punishment for Lion. This is the first time I’ve ever punished him twice in one day.

When I was done with the swats, he said he thought it would be much worse. I was concerned about too many swats on an already sore butt. The intensity was the same. I just didn’t hit as many times as I would have, had this been a one punishment day. Live and learn. Next time I won’t take it so easy on him.

In the future, I have two choices. I can not tell him about any conversation with my son, or I can stop him before he gets started on the I-know-what’s-best train of thought. Maybe I can ward off the interruption that way. I guess Lion has two choices, too. He can interrupt me or not interrupt me.

Remembering the training collar is another matter. For now, he’s decided to wear it all the time except when peeing or showering. That way he can’t possibly forget it. As long as it’s not in my way, I don’t mind that tactic. As for the rule, he still only has to wear it when we’re out.


  1. Author

    Is your son and the rest of the family aware of the FLR lifestyle and its implications?

  2. Author

    What do you two call each other in private? We find your posts intriguing and we are exploring the FLR lifestyle ourselves. We are trying to come up with names to call each other that reflect our relationship and that don’t sound canned or typical. Thoughts ideas?
    Thank you.

  3. Author

    I don’t think so. But, for all I know, they read our blog every day.

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