A Most Effective Training Aid

training collar below balls
This is the training collar in place on Lion. It fits nicely behind the Jail Bird chastity device.

As we all know, there is a big gap between a fantasy and its realization. Case in point: my training collar. This device offers Mrs. Lion the opportunity to give me instantaneous feedback no matter where we are. This feedback is either a rather pleasant vibration or an electrical shock.

Until this week, Mrs. Lion has used the collar to correct me for interrupting or other on-the-spot offenses. Each shock has made me jump and sometimes yelp. We both interpreted that to mean the shock was very unpleasant. I certainly didn’t like receiving one. But after a recent interaction with this device, I have revised my thinking.

We went out and I forgot to wear the collar. Mrs. Lion noticed and showed me her phone screen that showed it couldn’t connect with the device. Uh oh. She had decided that when I forget to wear it, when we got home I would put it on and she would shock me as punishment for forgetting. So, when we got home that’s exactly what happened.

I felt the first shock, but it was so mild it didn’t make an impression at all. She turned up the intensity. I felt the next one a little more. She upped it again. Yup, I felt it. But the truth is that it didn’t make enough of an impression to make sure I would never forget it again. That got me thinking.

Unlike spanking or other traditional punishments, the training collar has no lasting effect, isn’t particularly painful, and isn’t humiliating. But in the right context it works amazingly well. When I put it on, I know that Mrs. Lion can zap me anytime without warning and without my cooperation. I can’t easily remove it. No matter where we are, she can do this without any fuss or bother on her part. Knowing that has a strong emotional effect on me.

Even though I can’t feel it on me, I know it’s there. I also know that there is no way I can avoid its effects. This alone makes me a lot more careful about how I behave; especially in public. When I see her phone screen is on the training collar app, I become even more careful. I want to avoid that zap.

You may wonder why I would care so much if the shock isn’t particularly horrid. I think the main reason is that it comes without warning and feels like a sharp slap under my balls. It isn’t pleasant. I think the surprise more than anything makes me jump and yelp.

What makes it so effective for me is that I know that I can’t avoid it. I get no time to prepare for the sensation. I have absolutely no ability to delay or reduce the correction. None. It isn’t the correction itself. it’s my total lack of control. I can’t prepare for it. It happens no matter where I am. As far as I’m concerned, that’s real control.

I don’t have to strip and lie on my stomach, stand in the corner, or do anything else. I get corrected without complying in any way. That’s really the ultimate form of control. It may not be the most painful, but it is the most immediate. Once the collar goes on, my participation is not required. I do what I am told or I will feel that sharp slap. It’s as good for training me as it is for the dog it was designed for.

The collar doesn’t replace traditional punishment. it adds a new dimension: immediate correction. There’s nothing else like it for a disciplined male.


  1. Author

    Hello Lion, what’s the name of and where can I shop for Your dog training device? Does it work with Apple smart phones? Thanks, Jim

    1. Author

      You can find them on Amazon. Mine works with iPhones and Android.

  2. Author

    I find that repeated shocks at a high level are most unpleasant. My wife has given me as many as 160 shocks back to back. At level 15–the highest level my zapper goes to–that is really unpleasant. If I’m walking I take on a really unusual gait. I’m sure people around me are wondering, “What the hell is wrong with him?” Otherwise I agree with you. At lower levels it is a quick reminder of what I should be doing.
    Another thing about the zapper–if I’m sitting or in some positions where the zapper is pressed hard into my scrotum, the effect of the shock is much stronger. Medium levels of shocks can be quite nasty then.

    1. Author

      I’ve noticed that when I sit, even a level 1 is very unpleasant. The collar we now use is for larger dogs, so 1 is not trivial when sitting.

      1. Author

        My wife hit me with a level 1 zap when I was sitting in the choir at the front of the church. It was very strong and I jumped and almost made noise. I had dozed off and that is against the rules. I was certain that she had used a higher number but she hadn’t. Go figure.
        Oh and Jeff, you are entitled to your opinion, but don’t imply that others are “defective or wrong” because we do things differently from you!

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    My training collar is attached with Velcro which I can easily remove if my pants are off or down. Our practices are consensual. To each his/her own.

  4. Author

    My Empress is rarely interested in new toys, but she did seem intrigued by the idea of a shock collar. I know that the smartphone control would be a huge plus, more because it’s discreet and convenient. But I must ask how well it works. I’ve seen very mixed reviews on this model concerning connectivity and range. Does it work well for you two?

    All the best in your FLM. It’s a wonderfully fulfilling lifestyle.

    1. Author

      We use it all the time and it works very well. It has a short range of about 50 ft.

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