Poor Lion. First he has to deal with his own cough. Now he has to deal with mine. I don’t mind the regular cough. It’s the little tickle that bothers me more. The regular cough is over and done with fairly quickly. The tickle hangs around for a while. I’m done with the tickle part. And I’m done with the raspy voice, too.

I offered to unlock Lion last night and he said he understands that I’m not feeling well. A little later on, he said maybe he could get horny if I unlocked him. So I did. He then showed me a sore spot that was bothering. It turns out he had two sore spots. I don’t know these things unless he tells me. I promised to avoid those areas when I was edging him. However, a few minutes into trying to arouse him, the stupid tickle cough started in on me. Argh! I’m busy with my weenie. I don’t have time for a cough. But there it was, right in the middle of everything. And I had to stop playing to collapse into a heap of coughing nonsense.

Today I need to make up some of the time I’ve missed because I left work early a few days this week. At least that’s the plan. I may wind up leaving at my regular time and crashing at home. I need to rest up for the weekend. I want to be able to play with Lion. I don’t have any exact plans. I just know he needs to be teased. Maybe he needs some Velcro or clothespins. Maybe he needs a play spanking. I’m not sure. It’s been a while since we’ve done anything. Lion has been understanding, but I know he’s getting frustrated.

Yes, frustration is the hallmark of enforced chastity, but not that kind of frustration. He’s supposed to be frustrated that he can’t come, not that we can’t even play. I still need to work on getting him horny enough to care that’s he’s frustrated. I want my weenie to be very hard and straining to come. And then I can stop short. That’s the good kind of frustration. Lion might disagree. He might think no frustration is good. He’d be wrong. A certain amount of frustration is necessary to keep him interested. Now I just need to get him back into the mood so he can be frustrated again.

[Lion – I appreciate Mrs. Lion’s interest in quickly getting back to sexual fun. I’m perfectly happy waiting until she has recovered to begin again.]

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    Sorry that you’re not feeling well. My wife has also been plagued by a lingering cold/cough, and I’ve been deliberately “non-needy” about asking for her attention. She still managed to give me a good teasing night-before-last that had me flopping around like a landed tuna, but she’d been uninterested in any sexual action for herself.

    That’s definitely a disappointment for me, because short of my own orgasm (and maybe not even that), getting her off is just about my favorite thing. Again, I’ve not been pestering her, but the lack of interaction feels sort of lonely somehow. She’s definitely on the mend, though…

    Get well soon!!!

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