I’m still in the very warm South. It’s a great relief from the clouds and cold of the Northwest. The only problem with being here is that Mrs. Lion is across the country. I’m also wild. It’s odd to look in the mirror and see my uncovered genitals. For the record, I don’t find that view engrossing.

I’ve ordered another iteration of the custom plastic cage. The new cage is 1/2-inch shorter, only 1 3/4-inches long. I also ordered a larger base ring. 1 3/4-inch diameter has always been the right size for me. When I tried the plastic ring, a red circle appeared where it had been. It wasn’t painful, but still.

The manufacturer immediately suggested that I shave my pubic hair (been there done that for over 20 years), and use silicone lube between the ring and my body. I’m not fond of that idea. So, the larger ring. Stay tuned. I should get the new version in about 3 weeks. Once I get it, I will wear it and then review. This is the first custom sized plastic device I have ever seen. It it really works out, airport security is never going to be an issue again.

Ok, here I am all alone in a hotel. I’m not wearing a chastity device. Theoretically, I can play with myself and worse. I don’t though. I’m past that; the well-trained lion. So why the interest in a TSA-proof cage? Well, when I am caged, there is absolutely no way I can touch Mrs. Lion’s weenie; sexually or otherwise. It’s a grand isolation. Hermetically sealed just for her.

She probably doesn’t care if I touch it. It’s not a big deal to me either. So, what’s the deal? I’ve been wrestling with that. Part of it is certainly that wearing a chastity device takes away choice. Right now, I can touch it, even make it hard or masturbate. I don’t. I’m not allowed. But for me, it’s feels better if I can’t touch. If it’s locked away, that’s all folks. There’s something exciting about that idea.

Balancing that fun part are the very real challenges a cage presents. Peeing is never easy. Washing without a handheld shower is never completely effective. Every so often, a nasty pinch reminds me I’m locked up.  I know, never satisfied. Good thing it doesn’t really matter what I prefer. If Mrs. Lion wants my opinion she will give it to me.

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    I would enjoy flying while caged. My problem is that I have a metal body implant which means I either use the X-ray machine or have a personal hands-on body search. A cage will thus be found.
    I do have and all plastic cage originally a CB-6000s. However, using some great tech, I 3-D scanned the original parts and 3-D printed new ones. Now I have a custom set of penis tubes from long to short. I am evaluating the short one as I write this.

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