I like to think we’re a good experiment to follow along. Not everything we do will work for everyone. Not everything we do will work for us. We get comments from readers who do things that might work for us. We get comments from readers who do things that won’t work for us. As with any other community, we share ideas. Just because FLR and enforced chastity seem to be working for us, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

We get emails and comments asking for personal attention. They want advice for their particular situation. I don’t feel that I have a firm enough grasp on what we’re doing to give anyone else advice. For those people, I usually just suggest that they go back and read the blog from the beginning. I figure they’ll see our failures and successes and perhaps something in there will help answer their question.

We get questions about measuring for chastity devices. We have a page dedicated to that subject. In addition to that, Lion writes about how his cage fits and whether or not he should have it shortened or get a new ring. He also may not know all the answers to the questions since he wears a Jail Bird and not chastity device X.

I’m not trying to discourage people from sending emails or writing comments. Some of our posts come from those emails and comments. Just please understand if we don’t publish your comment or respond to your email directly. Perhaps the answer has been covered somewhere in the blog. Nope. I don’t know when. I don’t keep track of which post discussed which topic. Lion is much better at selecting categories to accompany his posts so if you’re looking for information on punishment, for example, you might find it more easily. I’ll try to get back into the habit of doing that as well. Many times I just choose “Mrs. Lion comments” which isn’t very helpful at all.

Also keep in mind that Lion and I work full time. It’s true we don’t have kids in the house, but that doesn’t mean we spend all our free time on the blog. Answering each email and comment would take far too long.

Having said all that, we love your comments. Keep them coming!