Xmas Toy

I saw this and just had to get it for Lion.

As Lion said in his post, I got a new toy at our company Christmas party yesterday. Once I saw the wooden spoon, I knew I had to get it. There’s nothing special about it. I just thought Lion would “like” it. Unfortunately, my coworker, and co-conspirator in office pranks, stole it from me as part of a game we played. I told her all I really wanted was the wooden spoon. She wanted the scone mix that came with it. Lion likes scones but I don’t think he would have liked this flavor. She threatened to beat me with the wooden spoon if I didn’t stop asking for it. I told her that’s what I wanted it for. She laughed. When she handed me the spoon I shook it at her and said I tell Lion “don’t make me use this”. She laughed again. She has no idea I’ll do more than threaten Lion with it.

I then emailed Lion and told him I got something he’ll love to hate. He wondered if it was very heavy. It’s not. He wondered why I wanted it. It’s another tool for my arsenal. Besides, he should know a paddle doesn’t have to be big or heavy for it to be mean. I think this one could make him run for cover. Even if it’s not the meanest, he won’t really want to be whomped with it. He shouldn’t want to be whomped with anything, but this one might prove to be interesting.

In hindsight, perhaps I should have kept it secret. I could have surprised him with it the next time a punishment rolled around. Or maybe I could have tied a bow on it and given it to him for Christmas. Whatever the case, I saw the wooden spoon and thought of Lion. If there had been an apple pie, I would have thought of Lion. Many things make me think of him. This time it just happened to be something kinky. And wooden. And likely to cause him some pain. Merry Christmas to us!


  1. Author

    I hope you and Mr Lion have Lot’s of Christmas fun with your new toy Merry sore bum

  2. Author

    I think it was a good idea to tell Lion that you have a new “toy”. Now he can think about it and have it play on his mind.

  3. Author

    I believe the common term for a repurposed gadget like this is that it’s a “pervertable”. Naturally, if you then decide to use it for its original purpose, it becomes a “revertable”… 🙂

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