As we are completing our third year of enforced chastity, our life with it continues to mature. Over the last three years there have been times I have been allowed to run wild with no chastity device locked on me. These periods centered around vacation and business travel. There have also been times I spent a few days wild for no real reason.

Our Jail Bird has developed a sign of age. The security screw doesn’t stay tight no matter how firmly Mrs. Lion turns it. Within a day it works its way loose enough to be removed without a tool. Mrs. Lion isn’t concerned I will take advantage of this situation, but we both worry the screw could work itself out completely and get lost. Apparently this isn’t a unique problem. Mature Metal advised me that this happens and the ring needs rethreading. To get this done, we have to return the entire device, security screws, and the tool.

I prefer that I am unable to remove the cage myself. I like the loss of control. Mrs. Lion indicated that she also prefers things that way. I suggested that we might want to consider getting a “spare” Jail Bird. This is expensive. Mine costs over $400 with the security screw option. The alternative is to send the hardware back. I would then be without a cage for at least two weeks.

Over the last few weeks, my uncaged time has been drastically reduced. Mrs. Lion now understands that I like being consistently locked up. She used to unlock me for teasing and then leave me wild until after my last pee of the night. She would then lock me up before we went to sleep. I’ve been a bit uncomfortable with this. The times that she unlocked me just prior to teasing and then immediately caged me again when she was done, felt much better. So, she has had me put the ring back on and then she cages me immediately after she is finished with her weenie.

In general, as you might have noticed, she has become more possessive of her weenie. I was punished for trying to help her get me hard. I appreciate this greatly. She has been growing stricter and more consistent in other areas as well. Is this 2.0 finally taking over? I hope so.

I travel to the East Coast about once a month since I started my new job. I am allowed to be wild for my travels. The Jail Bird would certainly set off the TSA metal detectors. We both agreed that self locking made little sense. I do enjoy the freedom and comfort of being a free-range lion. Can I reconcile this with my increased sense of security when I am more strictly locked at home?

I would like to think so. I did order a new, very different plastic device. It would pass airport security easily. If it is comfortable, Mrs. Lion could keep me caged when I travel as well. I’m not sure I would like that. Six hour flights are barely tolerable now. Any chastity device would add to the discomfort.

I’m not caged to prevent unauthorized sexual activity. The main reason I am locked up is that the cage provides a very practical symbol of our power exchange. Neither of us consider it a kinky sex toy at this point. The chastity device has a significant purpose in our relationship. it forces both of us to maintain a sexual power balance that has restored intimacy for us. Neither of us can forget the cage is locked on my genitals.

So, if I am wild when i travel perhaps that reminder isn’t as necessary as it is when we are together. I just don’t know. I do know that I am very happy when Mrs. Lion makes a point of keeping me locked as much of the time as possible and reminds me of her power.

Whether or not I am wild when traveling isn’t really the issue now. I think that what counts the most is that I am always under direct supervision or locked up when we are in the same geographical area. Is it worth $400 to guarantee that there won’t be any interruption?


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    Have you tried Locktite? You can get it at auto parts stores, keeps screws where belong and will not allow screws to back out. MKe sure you get the color that allows you to unscrew the screw when you want to.

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      Actually, Locktite is very messy and I haven’t found any versions of it that are designed to work on the small screws that lock my cage. The kind you can buy at big box stores is for large bolts. I’ve tried it on smaller screws with no real luck. We are getting the Jail Bird rethreaded by the manufacturer.

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    Can I recommend using the blue locktite? It will keep the screw in place but still allow you to remove it with the key. I’ve used it for about a year now and it works very well.

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        Before I retired I had worked 30 plus years as millwright and maintenance technician. I have used many formulations of loctite on many types of fasteners including the small screws in my eye glasses and it works fine. Try cleaning the threads well before applying a drop or two of the blue Loctite, they also make a cleaner for that purpose. Do not use the red type or it will take heating the screw with a torch to break it loose , ouch! If you don’t want to use loctite you might try one of several styles of lock washers. You also might want to check into some form of screw that uses a nylon button in the treaded part of the screw. Or you could just cut your penis off and solve the whole problem ;).

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          I took a last drastic way out. Mature Metal is going to rethread. Loctite is very watery and really isn’t something I want slopping onto delicate skin.

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