Something Old, Something New

When I got out the paddle last night, Lion asked why he was being punished. So much for him remembering the list. I reminded him that he never thanked me for Monday night’s punishment. He had his aha moment. He really did mean to thank me, not only because it’s the rule, but also because he really means it. He’s grateful that I’m doing all these things for him and to him. I don’t remember hitting him any harder than Monday but he said the stinging lasted longer. Maybe it was the choice of paddle. I think I used one of the blood wood paddles Monday. Last night I used a wooden spoon. Good old wooden spoon. I don’t remember getting hit with one when I was little. Maybe it was just there to scare us. To this day my sister insists it was my idea to hide that wooden spoon one day. I was about 5. She was about 12. Guess whose idea I think it really was.

After my shower, I disappeared from the bedroom for a few minutes. Lion stayed where he was. I decided to peel some ginger for Lion’s ass. We haven’t done it in a long time and since he liked the anal play over the weekend, I figured he’d like some more. Several months ago we amassed quite a collection of ginger. Lion bought some every time he saw it in the store. He looked for the biggest roots. There’s a few theories for figging. Some say that it has to be fresh. Some say it has to age. Well, our bounty of ginger aged to the point that most of it was unusable. We still have an older supply, but a few weeks ago we bought more.

I’m not sure there’s any rhyme or reason to selecting the best ginger. I pulled a piece off of the newest root. It was already shaped sort of like a dildo or butt plug. I peeled the longest end and left the little hook as a handle. For whatever reason, this ginger was potent. Normally it gets hotter over time and then loses some of its oomph. Not this time. It was hot and getting hotter the longer it stayed in. I think it was in less than five minutes. Lion felt the burn for a few hours.

As the night wore on, I started feeling achier and achier. Lion asked if I was going to unlock him. I did and said we may just snuggle. But, of course, once I get my weenie in my hand I want to play with him. I edged Lion at least eight times. I got him so close to the edge I thought I went too far. When I was finally done with him, he was hornier than ever with no relief in sight. I think by this time his butt was no longer stinging and his ass was no longer hot. He told me I really know how to frustrate him. I told him to think about how good it will feel when he finally gets to come. This morning he emailed me and told me he loves the way I’m treating him. He wants to wait longer for an orgasm. I kidded him that he wasn’t going to get to come until January. Not surprisingly, he said he’s fine with that.

I guess he likes the old punishment and ginger mixed with the new attitude.