Chastity Hardware: Getting Started

Penises may all look alike, but once you try to fit a chastity device to yours, it becomes obvious that we are all very different. A ball capture chastity device — like the CB6000 or Jail Bird — have to very accurately fit in several places. The device itself has a larger ring that is placed behind the balls and then the penis is threaded through as well (Image). In the image, the ring closest to my body is this ring, commonly called the “A” ring or “base ring”. This ring causes the most trouble.

If it is too large, a ball can “escape” during daily wear. Also, it can be too easy to pull the penis out of the cage and back through the base ring. This is not really an issue you should consider, especially in the beginning. What we want is a tight enough fit so that you can just get the tip of your pinky between the ring and the body. When you wear this ring, it should never cause you pain, even if you attempt to get hard.

The cage itself needs to be accurately sized as well. A properly fitting chastity device has the cage touching the penis at all times. The penis is always in contact with the sides and the head of the penis touches the end of the cage as well. Since penises are capable of shrinking quite small, the length of the cage has to be at least 1/4 to 1/2 inch shorter than your shortest flaccid length. The diameter should be about equal to the diameter of your flaccid penis. For a guide to chastity device fitting, take a look at this page.

Just from this short description, it is obvious that an off-the-shelf chastity device is probably never going to be a perfect fit. Some devices come with a range of base rings as well as spacers to adjust the distance between the cage/tube and the base ring. None have a way to change the actual cage size.

The cheapest off-the-shelf chastity devices cost as little as $35 and go up to more than $200. A custom made device starts at around $300 and can go to $500 or more. My Jail Bird was about $ 375 with the security screw lock. Another big difference is the time it takes to get your device. You can get an off-the-shelf device on Amazon overnight. You will wait at least four-to-six weeks for a custom one.

If you just want to try out enforced chastity, you probably want to spend as little as possible and get the device immediately. So, an off-the-shelf chastity device is the logical choice. Regardless of device choice, you need to do a good job measuring. Our fitting guide will give you complete directions on how to do this. Even when buying a cheap device, take your time and measure carefully.

The chances are very small that you will find a device that is perfect for you. This image is me in the best fitting off-the-shelf device I could find. I bought several before I found this one. It’s easy to see that the cage is too long and a bit too wide. The ring was the right diameter, but its flat shape pinched. However, I was able to wear this device in relative comfort full time.

After I had worn it about a week, it was clear to me that Mrs. Lion and I were prepared to go for long term enforced chastity. At that point, I decided to order a custom device. After reading lots of blog and forum posts about devices, it seemed that Mature Metal made excellent devices at a fair price. They have several models. Personally, I liked the Pet Trap best. I wrote to Mature Metal and asked their advice. I sent an email with my measurements (at least what I thought they were at the time): 2″ long, 1 1/2″ wide, base ring 1 3/4″. Based on that, they advised me that the Pet Trap was not going to fit well (I’m too short) and suggested the Jail Bird. I took their advice and that’s what I ordered.

At the time I ordered, I had the off-the-shelf device on for about 10 days. I had to wear it for another six weeks until the Jail Bird finally arrived. It made a very big difference. One big advantage of custom cages is that the manufacturer will make adjustments at reasonable prices. My cage was too long. My shortest penis length, it turns out is 1 1/2″, so much of the time the head didn’t touch the end of the cage. Mature Metal shortened my cage from 1 3/4″ to 1 1/4″. The new, shorter cage is perfect. Recently, I ordered a smaller base ring too. My body had adapted to the cage and the 1 3/4″ ring became too large. My new one is 1 5/8″ and is perfect.

When you get started and decide to get an inexpensive device (my choice), expect the fit to be less than perfect. Also expect it to be a little uncomfortable. If, after a while, you decide you want to stay locked up, then it makes very good sense to get a custom-fitted cage.

This is the cage I settled on until I received my Jail Bird.


  1. Author

    I play tennis 3 or 4 times a week. Would I be able to keep the jailbird on or would I have to remove it while playing tennis?

    1. Author

      The only issue with the Jail Bird is if you mind people seeing it in the locker room. It shouldn’t cause any problems with exercise.

      1. Author

        Tks for your reply!
        I do not shower at our tennis club so that is not a problem. However I am presently in a 6000s and there is no way I could move, bend, and stretch for the ball with it on.
        So even though both devices are “ball trap”, the JB is so different that it would not be a problem? What makes them so different?
        (Sorry for re-asking this question, but I really want to be certain that the JB is that different when wearing for tennis,running, or even yoga than the cb6000s.)
        We really want to get to a point where my device will stay on for weeks and not have to be removed every day or so to play tennis.
        Thanks for you’re response.

        1. Author

          The JB is much lighter and open and tipped down more.

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