Enhancing Spankings

Mrs. Lion proposed an experiment involving numbing cream and spanking. We have a supply of the cream. I use it when Mrs. Lion applies the laser hair removal device to sensitive areas. Without anesthesia, it hurts terribly, particularly on my balls and perineum. Even with the Lidocaine, it still hurts but is manageable.

The experiment she proposed involves me applying the cream to one butt cheek. After it has time to take effect (30 to 45 minutes), she proposes to spank both cheeks. The expectation is that the anesthetized cheek will feel less pain. I am sure that is true. She said she wanted to see if the after effect changes as well.

That’s where she loses me. If she is spanking both cheeks with the same force and duration, why would there be any difference in the pain I feel later? The Lidocaine will wear off and then any sensation I am feeling in the untreated cheek should be echoed in the one that now has feeling. I can’t think of a reason I would find a difference.

(Here’s the part where Lion puts his paw in his mouth)

I would suggest a more interesting experiment would be to spank the anesthetized cheek longer and harder than the unprotected one. Maybe keep going until my reaction is the same as it is for the other cheek. That should mean the Lidocaine cheek will get a lot more, harder attention. Now, we would see if the residual sensation difference is significant.

Does that mean the new pattern for punishment is local anesthesia to enhance the punishment? No, that doesn’t make too much sense to me. But there is a real question that I think does need answering. In the past I have been accused of having a butt that isn’t easy to mark in any way and never gets truly dark red. People who have spanked me (play situations) commented that for all their work I had little lasting sensation.

Is this something about me that is independent of the spanker or her technique? Is it my physiology? Or, is it that my reactions to the swats somehow limit the needed force and duration? I think we’ve established that I truly hate the sting of a paddle. It’s pretty easy to get me to the point of seriously wanting to stop the proceedings. Without bondage and a gag, Mrs. Lion’s range is almost certainly limited by my reactions.

Secure bondage and a gag will cure this problem. I clearly have a limit to how long I can hold still no matter how hard I try. I can only get to a point in sensation before I have to get away. Changing implements to heavier, less stingy devices might help fix that problem. My limited experience at being spanked suggests that the most lasting sensations come when I am bruised in a spot where I sit. That would take the heavier, force-concentrating toy.

Mrs. Lion’s Lidocaine experiment, at least the way I am suggesting, has the ability to discover whether or not I can be paddled until dark red. It can also determine if that sort of concentrated paddling will make it hurt well into the next day. I have only had one spanking experience that did provide real discomfort that long. I have not idea what was used, but it had no sting. It hurt a lot and there was a painful bruise left behind that hurt for two days every time I sat down.

I admit that I am curious about this subject. I’ve seen lots of spankings (at S/M events) that produce dark red bottoms and clearly continue giving discomfort for some time. In my case, I’ve never experienced either. Do I have one of those “iron butts” or am I too much of a wimp to let things go far enough to be effective?

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    I expect that you’ve been in the scene enough to have heard the term “Leatherbutt”, where the skin of a person who is regularly paddled (flogged, whipped, thudded, etc.) seems to build up more and more resilience to abuse, to the point where it simply won’t bruise any more. I didn’t get the impression that Mrs. Lion had been this vigorous with you yet, but maybe she (or previous life experiences) have been.

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