Tooth Marks

Now that I’m more confident, my favorite way to torture Lion is with oral edging. I can do much more with my tongue than I can with my hands. As with everything, practice makes perfect. I’ve been practicing a lot lately. It’s easier on my knee for me to be on my stomach on the bed between his legs than sitting cross legged next to him. That’s not to say he’s been edged that way exclusively.

You may think that hands are easier to control. With my mouth I can adjust the tightness, speed, depth, and exactly where he’ll feel the effects. Sometimes I don’t even have to move. I just let my tongue do the work. Last night I got Lion so close I thought I’d have to salvage an orgasm a few times. But no, he held on. I’m not sure how based on all the noise he was making, but he did hold on.

From my position between his legs I also have access to his balls and his ass, to some extent. He loves to have his balls tickled when he’s about to come. Of course, I tickle them to trick him into thinking he’ll get to come. I also use my fingers to wrap his scrotum so I can pull his balls. And using my finger to rub near his asshole is another good way to encourage him. So many good things come from that position. Not Lion, of course, but other things. And when Lion is allowed to come, oral is my favorite since I get the yummy creme filling I’ve worked so hard for.

Last night I did a little nibbling on my weenie. Nothing to hurt him. I was just having some fun pretending to chew on him while Lion held his breath. He had no idea if I would actually bite him. It must be scary for a guy to have such a sensitive area near teeth. I would never really hurt my weenie, but what’s a few tooth marks between friends?

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    I find that this is true when the sexes are swapped, too – probably even more so. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately going down on my wife (I know – life is tough), and there’s no way I could even come close to the versatility and subtlety of sensation I can achieve with my mouth and tongue using just my fingers. In addition to the range of sensations I can create, *my* sensitivity is also much greater (and I’m generally pretty sensitive and dexterous with my fingers).

    I do use my hands a bit though, or at least one of them. As she gets closer to orgasm, I sometimes insert a couple of fingers and massage her G-spot from inside. That seems to work out well: since the inside of her vagina is less sensitive than her clitoris and the surrounding area, it’s a fair match for the relative clumsiness of my fingers.

    I never bite, though – I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t like that.

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