A Rock and a Hard Place

Lion isn’t sure how he can manage waiting until Sunday for his orgasm. He’s also concerned that I won’t let him come on Sunday. He’s heading off for a week-long business trip so I don’t think it’s advisable to leave him as horny as he is when he’ll be alone and wild. He could find himself a hottie to relieve the pressure. Plenty of business men have women in every port. I’m teasing. I know he won’t find a helper. I just don’t want to tempt him to help himself.

I’ve been tempted to give him an orgasm sooner, though. I’ve been trying to stay strong. I know he’d say I’m the boss and I can do whatever I want to do so feel free to give that orgasm ahead of schedule. I can see the silly look on his face as he gives me “permission.” This temptation is different from the past. Several months ago I wanted to give him an orgasm because I knew he wanted it and I wanted to do it. Now it’s more a feeling of “you know, if you just go one more stroke he’ll come and feel so much better.” Maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to get him closer and closer to the point of no return. It has little to do with the fact that I know he’s dying to come.

Last night he said something to the effect of my making it worse by teasing him. I told him it might be worse if I didn’t tease him. He’d be upset that I was ignoring him. He’d grumble that he was so horny and I’m not doing anything about it. But when I do something about it I only make it worse. He’s caught between a rock and a hard place. Poor thing. Why won’t I just let him come? I’m so mean.

Lion’s also been pushing for me to test out my theory about using the numbing cream one cheek and not the other during a spanking. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with my knee lately. And he wants me to start out whomping hard. I don’t. He thinks we won’t see any effect if we start out slow. I think we won’t know if we start out hard. So the compromise is that I start out whomping hard. If we’re not starting off slowly then there’s no rush to do it since I won’t be building up to anything. We’re just going full force right out of the gate. So it can wait until Friday or Saturday night. Then if there is any residual pain I can make it worse with a play spanking before his orgasm on Sunday. Sometimes I really do have a plan for things.