I Win

Apparently I’m more competitive than I thought I was. When I was taking a shower last night, I realized that Lion had never told me it was punishment night. Sometimes he says it in an email and it gets lost with all the other things in the conversation. I knew I had to check before I told him he was in trouble. Is it wrong that I was hoping he hadn’t reminded me? Is it wrong that I was looking forward to “winning”? Nanner, nanner, nanner, Lion. You forgot. Now I get to beat your butt.

Perhaps I was just in a 2.0 mood. I don’t know that I took any real joy out of whomping him, but I did stop in the middle to ask him why he was being punished. 2.0 was definitely there. She even stuck around for his edging. I used the Magic Wand and almost had him sweating. I got him so close I thought I went too far a few times. Nope. Just agonizingly close. A few hours later he said he liked edging better before I knew how to get him so close. He’s not very fond of getting right to the brink without being able to come. Practice makes perfect. And he did ask for it, after all.

Despite his horniness, or maybe because of it, Lion was in a grumbly mood even though he wasn’t really grumbling. Maybe he was just taking stock of his life since enforced chastity and FLR kicked in. He asked if I’d rather we were a “normal” couple. I told him we were a normal couple for a long time. We rarely had sex. We were fairly distant. He didn’t like it. And once he pointed it out to me, I didn’t like it either. Normal would be moving backwards. We definitely don’t want that. We’ve got a good thing going. A great thing, actually. Why would we want to mess with that?

I took into account that Lion had been to physical therapy and was in some pain last night. He didn’t really want to change anything, except maybe the opportunity to come more often. Even in the middle of the night when neither of us could sleep, he said he worries that I’ll find someone else. Silly Lion. He doesn’t seem to understand he’s stuck with me forever.