The Two Flavors Of Orgasm Denial

Orgasm denial is the main result of enforced chastity. Once locked on, the chastity device prevents unauthorized sexual activity, obviously including orgasm. Generally, the device is removed for non orgasmic sexual activities. These activities can include intercourse without ejaculation, or stimulation to the edge of orgasm. Mrs. Lion edges me almost every night. These activities serve to keep me horny and very aware that I want to come. That’s why she does them, of course. For the guys who provide penetration without ejaculation, it is essentially the same thing. The difference is that they usually have to stop the action themselves before it is too late.

Some keyholders train their males to ejaculate only when they have permission. Some guys have learned to take strong stimulation for extended periods of time without actually coming. It isn’t easy to learn, but it is possible with lots of practice. Others, like Mrs. Lion, want the male to try to come each time he is stimulated. The keyholder will stop stimulation just short of ejaculation. The result of both methods is the same: the male orgasm is controlled by the keyholder.

The two flavors of orgasm control, while sharing the same outcome, are very different in the way they affect the male. The “trained” male knows he isn’t allowed to come without permission and so he works very hard to keep that orgasm at bay. He is actively preventing his own release. In my view, this is a very submissive action. The male is sacrificing his orgasm to please his keyholder. He is an active partner to his own denial.

In the other case, the male isn’t a participant at all. He is encouraged to try to come every time he is stimulated. The keyholder stops stimulation just before he can actually come. While he has surrendered control to his keyholder, he doesn’t try to please her by preventing his orgasm. She is asserting her power by skillfully getting him to the very brink and then enjoys watching him when he realizes he just won’t get enough stimulation to get over the top.

Both are exercises in control. One requires active submission, the other prior agreement he surrenders control. Mrs. Lion likes the second exercise. I do too. I am not an active submissive. I do submit since I live in a chastity device. But, I try to have an orgasm every time I am stimulated. Mrs. Lion considers it her mistake if I ejaculate when she didn’t intend to take me that far.

I never know if when she starts stimulating my penis, whether this will be the time I finally get to come. I don’t know until that last second when I am humping her hand and she lets go. I know I am not permitted to touch myself. All I can do is groan and hope that the next time she stimulates me, I will get over the top. That’s the way she plays the game.

I brought up the idea of being trained not to come without permission. Mrs. Lion didn’t find that appealing. I think she is right. What we do now puts everything into her hands. I will not be trained to postpone or prevent my orgasms. Each and every time, I respond as nature designed. She will frustrate me almost every time she stimulates me. I can’t learn to stop expecting that orgasm even though I know I probably won’t get it. She is using my nature against me.

Both methods demonstrate strong sexual control over the male. One involves his active cooperation. The other, the one we practice, has no interest in what I want or don’t want. I ejaculate when Mrs. Lion decides to make me. I just lie there and take when she gives me.