Creating a Routine


Last weekend I had the brilliant idea that maybe we could plan our summer trips around county fairs in the state. I went so far as to find out that there are 39 counties in Washington. After yesterday, we’re pretty sure we don’t want to do that; at least not all county fairs. I’m sure there are some counties that have wonderful fairs. We’ll have to do some research before we commit.

Despite his orgasm the other night, Lion was horny yesterday. That doesn’t happen often. He usually takes a day or two to recharge. Maybe he really likes the return of 2.0. Unfortunately we were both very tired last night, so there was nothing more than snuggling going on.

Lion and I have every intention of playing when we’re away. I have my travel bag of tricks. This time I even brought the nJoy butt plug. There is a small box of diapers in the camper. But for whatever reason, we wind up not playing. Not always not playing, but more often than not we “just” snuggle. I think it’s because we don’t have a routine in the camper.

At home, we come home from work, eat dinner and then go into the bedroom to watch TV. After showers and settling in we have the opportunity to play. Maybe we’re tired. Maybe we’re not feeling well. But we have our routine in place.

In the camper, we tend to sit in the living room and watch TV. We’re usually tired from whatever adventures we’ve had during the day. Sometimes we both fall asleep in our recliners. By the time we move into the bedroom, we’re ready to snuggle in to snooze.

This is our last trip of the season. I don’t see us making any great strides on the play front. We may still play, but it won’t be a routine. We’ll have to work on it for next year. And, of course, we’ll work on our routine at home as well.

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    Maybe the state fairs? Evergreen, Puyallup, Spokane… A little larger than county fairs, more on offer for exhibitions and activities. (More expensive too.)

    We like art festivals. For intrastate travel, they make great day trips. They may work well for your camping week/ends. 🙂

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