Just Us

One thing about being so far from the busy world is that my mind drifts away from our power exchange. I suspect that Mrs. Lion’s does too. We always have good intentions of using these days together for play, but it doesn’t seem to materialize. The same is true so far on this longer trip.

Of course, Mrs. Lion has had on and off stomach issues. That certainly gets in the way of other things. We also enjoy exploring the local area, even though we’ve been here several times before. It’s just so beautiful. This trip, the weather isn’t terribly good. Night time temperatures have gotten down to 40 deg. F and the days briefly hit 65. It’s not the traditional Labor Day weekend heat we generally get. This does give us more in-camper time. However, with the exception of a fantastic oral orgasm Friday night, we haven’t done much.

I should say that I am writing this Saturday morning. Since we have no Internet or cell phone access here, we have to do our writing and then drive 12 miles into town where we get a cell signal and can upload our posts. So, with most of Saturday in front of us, I don’t know what may be in store for me between now and Monday morning’s post.

To tell the truth, I haven’t much felt like playing so far. I was very horny until Friday night, but I wasn’t craving the activities I had written about in recent posts. I am just enjoying the companionable comfort of our time together. That’s certainly not a bad thing. There is so much more to our relationship beyond BDSM, enforced chastity, and domestic discipline.

The one thing we always do on our trips is appreciate the opportunity we have to spend all of our time together. We even like riding in the truck and enjoying the scenery togetether. The conversation is easy and comfortable. I just love being in the same place as my lioness.

That’s the thing. Enforced chastity and FLR helps us fill in some gaps we believe are important. But without them, we still have so much we can be happy without them. That may be why play always seems to slip away on our vacations. Even though it is something we have both decided to do, everything else is just so wonderful, we forget what we planned to do. We are a little less than halfway into this trip. Who knows what we will do with the rest of this time?