What She Said (Yesterday)

Mrs. Lion and I wrote our posts at the same time (Sunday morning) because we have no cell service here and have to go to town to upload our posts. After we finished writing, we read each other’s post. We’ve done it again! We both wrote about the same subject without discussing the topic. We just naturally operate on the same wavelength. My post below was written before I had any idea what Mrs. Lion was going to write. After she read this post, she said, “We can try that.” Tune in to Mrs. Lion’s post today to find out what happens next.

We still haven’t played this vacation. I think that we will have better luck at both play and sex if we move it much earlier than bedtime. I can understand why most people do sexual things at bedtime or first thing in the morning. After all, those are the times we wear the least amount of clothing; none in my case. Intimacy is highest at those times.

I don’t think either of us are at our sexual best at those times. My history with BDSM has me playing during prime time (9pm to 1am). That’s because play parties I attended were during those hours. When I think about it, the worst times for me are when I have a full belly or I am tired. I suspect Mrs. Lion feels the same way.

What’s the problem with making play time happen away from first and last thing of the day? Mostly it’s because at those times we have always done other things. Even though I am most likely naked, we have the lifelong habit of filling those hours with non-sexual activities.

We know we can add new things to our daily routines. We are more than three-quarters through our third year of enforced chastity. I think one reason we have been so successful is that we have specific activities we agreed to do almost every day. I’m not suggesting we do BDSM on a daily basis, though if Mrs. Lion wants to, we could. I am suggesting that as a start we agree that every weekend day, including holidays, we play sometime between beakfast and dinner.

I think this will work because once we make an agreement, we do it. For example, every Monday and Thursday is punishment day. If I have done something needing correction, in the early evening after dinner and Mrs. Lion’s shower, the paddle comes out and I am spanked. We always seem to do it at that specific time.

Even though we haven’t discussed it, the regular time helps. So, maybe we should do the same with play. Even if it is juat edging, maybe we need to move it further from bedtime. Maybe BDSM could be on Wednesday evening and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. That doesn’t restrict Mrs. Lion. She can do things any other times as well. But we agree that those three days are no-excuses occasions.

On days when she wants, Mrs. Lion can also substitute BDSM to go, with me wearing a take-out butt plug, diapers, or whatever else she wishes. The point is that play is happening. We aren’t pushing it into the background. Similarly, maybe we could try moving the daily edging away from bedtime as well. Perhaps move it out of the bedroom entirely.

I am unintentionally trained to react to being edged in bed close to sleep time. It might be more interesting to vary that a lot. I have only been edged on my back. If teasing moves out of the bedroom, I might learn to get hard almost anywhere once I have been conditioned to be teased in other settings. Oh my!