Punishment Is Good For Me

Monday night I received a deserved spanking. Over the long weekend I managed to interrupt Mrs. Lion more than once. This is a bad habit I truly want to break. I may not drink or smoke, but I do find a way to interject my thoughts before letting others finish what they are saying.

This, of course, has nothing to do with enforced chastity, but a lot to do with making me a better lion. It’s not that I believe I have something terribly important to say. It’s more that I want to get that thought out before I forget what I wanted to say. I think it comes from the fact that I am an only child. All the people around me were grownups and they had little interest in anything I had to say. So, I learned to talk up and not wait for someone to ask for my opinion.

As an adult, people appear to be interested in what I have to say. I just need to learn to wait my turn. Unlike most of the other rules I have been given, the no-interrupting rule represents a chance for personal growth. Maybe the response, a strong spanking, isn’t necessarily the typical adult way to handle it, but in the context of our lives it is perfect.

I think that one of the most difficult concepts for non-practitioners of domestic discipline to understand is why someone, me in this case, would allow his wife to punish him like a naughty child. Initially, I was attracted to the raw power exchange this represents. It is sexually exciting for me to consider that I will receive this sort of punishment. Of course, when the punishment actually arrives, it is anything but exciting. It is painful and unpleasant; as it should be.

To me, the fact that Mrs. Lion pays enough attention to observe my infractions and then responds with punishment, is an expression of her love for me. I grew up largely ignored by my parents. I was never punished. I was also never rewarded. I was just there.

Maybe that’s one reason I equate discipline with love. Discipline is constructive attention. It is designed to teach me something. Even if what it teaches is to avoid spilling food on my shirt or not to forget to thank Mrs. Lion for punishing me, it is still something for me. It is loving attention. I don’t have to like it, but I do see it as a form of love. Maybe it’s true: A sore bottom makes a happy lion.