Benevolent Mrs. Lion

I forgot all about Zapardy! until the other day when Lion was getting an amazing amount of answers correct and he said it was too bad we weren’t playing. He might not have been zapped at all. Where’s the fun in that?! I’ll have to drag out the ol’ shock collar so we can play again. Maybe Lion won’t be as smart that night.

Forgetting Zapardy! is just one more example of how far away from playing we’ve gotten. Last night, as we were snuggling and I was fondling Mr. Weenie, I was thinking I should get up and get some clothespins or give Lion that spanking I promised him. And then I heard him snoring softly. Poor tired Lion. At least he wasn’t hard this time. At some point last week, he was hard and sort of bucking and then suddenly snoring. Afterwards he knew he’d fallen asleep but he didn’t realize he was hard at the time. It’s a good thing I don’t take these things as a testimony to my effectiveness at getting him excited.

Tomorrow we’re off on another trip. It’s a longer trip taking advantage of the holiday on Monday. I’m hoping we’ll have some time to relax, but I’m sure we’ll be off driving somewhere and we’ll be tired by the end of each day. Lion doesn’t do well just sitting still and relaxing. I’m sure he’ll say he can do that at home. But I’m just talking about sitting in our lawn chairs looking out over the lake. He can’t do that at home. Nope. Lion wants to go, go, go, even though we may have exhausted all possibilities of places to go in this particular area.

Tonight I’ll give Lion his swats for forgetting to thank me for his swats from the other night. I know it’s not punishment night but I can do whatever I want and I think we’ll be too tired tomorrow night. After I gave him his swats on Monday, I waited over an hour before I told him he was in trouble again. He asked why and then immediately realized his mistake. He asked if it was too late. Well, yes. If I’ve already said he’s in trouble, I think that makes it too late. It’s not like I didn’t give him time to remember. I am nothing if not benevolent.


  1. Author

    Do you use a set number of swats for various offenses? If not, how do you determine when he’s “had enough”?

  2. Author

    I don’t usually have a set number of swats. I fire away until I think he’s had enough. And then I go a bit further.

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