Got You Covered

Lion is still a horny boy. You’d think I would have bought myself some time by giving him an orgasm Saturday night, but no. He was horny last night. I edged him quite a few times. I almost went a little too far, but stopped just in time.
He says at times I am a little too rough when I’m jerking him off. I can see that. I tend to get into it and forget how hard I’m gripping or how fast I’m moving. Poor Lion. He just wants to have some fun and here I am practically yanking his weenie off. I think I should get some credit for enthusiasm though.

Last night I think it was just right. After I had him going I even did an edging where I just barely touched him. Sort of a whisper of a touch. At that point all he needed was a strong breeze to get him off. But it was not to be. Don’t get me wrong. I considered it. I could have given him a bonus orgasm. It had only been two days, but you know Lion; the more the merrier. Unless he thinks about it too hard. Then he comes up with all these ideas about optimum wait times. And then he says it’s up to me anyway. Well of course it is. I already know he prefers to wait about four days, and two weeks is probably best but only on the third full moon of the month. Leave it to me, Lion. I’ve got you covered.