Poor Lion. Not Really.

There’s really not much to talk about today. Lion is on the other side of the country. It’s our anniversary. He has a list of assignments that he’s actually been doing. After the way he reacted to them, I thought he’d just give up on the whole idea. So far he’s completed two of them. I’m sure he won’t get the big ones because they may not be as easy as I anticipated, but this is the first time we’ve tried anything like this, so I’ll take it easy on him.

I have suspended the rule that he contact me before noon. His noon is different from my noon and he’ll be in meetings a lot. It stands to reason that he won’t be able to contact me as often. I also may not be able to take any of his calls that happen during my workday unless I happen to be near my phone. The time zones just make things a little more complicated.

Lion is still wild. He’s been wild for a few weeks now. He knows that’s just for convenience. The same rules apply. No touching – either himself or someone else. I teased him that he can’t have a hooker do it for him. He can’t have a girl in every port. Even if he does wind up making this trip often, that’s no excuse for having another wife and family there. Nope. He’s mine and no one else can have him. For the record, I’m his and no one else can have me.

This week away from each other will force me to talk about more than the news since there won’t really be any news. That may be good or bad for Lion. What ideas will I come up with when I don’t have a Lion to play with? Will he like these new ideas? He’s already nervous about ideas I have when we’re together. Poor Lion. I’d feel bad for him if he hadn’t asked for it and wasn’t enjoying almost every minute of it.

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    How about talk about your origin story? Why the two of you decided that FLM was something you wanted to pursue, who initiated the idea, how it has changed the relationship.

    Background is never bad and reflection is good for the soul.

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