No matter what you read, both enforced chastity and FLM (Female Led Marriage) are practiced with the consent of the caged and/or disciplined male. That may lead you to believe that this is for guys with a strong submissive streak. That may be true of many, but it isn’t necessarily the case. Why would I, a healthy, sex-loving male consent to severe limits on sexual enjoyment? The fantasies say that I wouldn’t want that but I was either overpowered or tricked into giving away my ability to enjoy sex. The reality is different; kinda.

I am the willing accomplice of my lioness in my loss of sexual control and my training. She couldn’t do it if I didn’t agree to let her. In the beginning I asked to be locked in a chastity device and to be made to wait for an orgasm. That’s the fantasy. I not only consented, I asked for this to be done to me. Some guys sign a “contract” specifying the conditions of their enforced chastity. Obviously, these contracts aren’t enforceable by any court of law. They are agreements that showed the intent at the time they were signed. Similarly, Mrs. Lion and I had a verbal agreement about my chastity.

If my experience as a caged male truly made me unhappy, I was always free to withdraw my consent and go back to my prior condition. At least, that’s the absolute reality of the situation. But there are consequences to withdrawal of consent. In exchange for my loss of freedom I get a lot of sexual attention. The price, of course, is the loss of orgasm at the end of the foreplay. Should I choose to withdraw consent, my lioness could also withdraw the teasing and her services to give me orgasms. Saying no to enforced chastity is not without a high price.  As I wrote in an earlier post, “There are days that I wonder why I wanted my penis locked into a chastity device.” Why not just withdraw consent, use my emergency key, and return to a wild state? It’s not that simple. I like the increased attention I get as a caged male. I usually feel good about being locked in a chastity device. I know that eventually Mrs. Lion will give me an orgasm and I will love it. Mrs. Lion is a very smart lioness. She understands that my memory of the pleasure she gives me is a velvet chain that keeps me in my cage and willing to be horny as long as she wants.

FLM is that same. I like feeling Mrs. Lion’s power over me. Her discipline is very painful and I hate it, but the feeling of her power is electric. As she gets more used to her role as disciplining wife, I feel her control more and more. Truthfully, it is a very gradual process and I am never overwhelmed when she makes my leash a little shorter. I am being conditioned to enjoy each time the power is raised a notch. Each spanking that is more painful than the last carries with it the promise of her reinforcing her position. I hate it at the time, but I don’t want to withdraw my permission. I want her to be more powerful and continue shortening my leash. There is something sexual about her muscle flexing. I like that. I don’t like submitting sometimes and I always hate punishment, but if I withdraw consent I will lose that rush feeling her power gives me.

She knows this. I don’t think she is consciously escalating to draw me further in. I think her escalations are based on her own personal growth in this area. But the effect is the same as though she planned out a course of gradual domination that is almost imperceptible to me. I’ve helped her do this. I let her know where my vulnerabilities are and what actions will have the greatest effect on me.  Most of the time I know this is exactly what I want. When I lose sight of that, I still don’t withdraw consent because I know that this is something I not only asked for, I helped design it to make it most effective on me.