A New Twist

Lion is back. It’s amazing how a little thing like a job can change his whole attitude. I’m kidding. The job is a huge thing. He’s very excited to get started. And I’m excited for him. He’s like a little kid waiting for the first day of school. He was even in the mood for love last night. That’s definitely a step in the right direction.

When I unlocked him and grabbed my bag of tricks, he teased me about going right for the clothespins without any sort of warm up for him. I’m really not sure how I’ve done it in the past. I suspect I’ve done it both ways. Maybe it depends on how excited he seems to begin with. However, last night I decided to do things a little differently. I got him excited, edged him, and then put a clothespin on. It’s true that this way he wouldn’t really get that many on, but it was a little twist for him. Each time I edged him, I put another clothespin on. I told him this way we’d know how many times I’d edged him. For the record, it was six times. After the fifth time I had a different idea. When I was done with the sixth time I told Lion my new plan.

Between July 15 and the end of the month, Lion can have as many orgasms as he wants. Immediately he asked me why. Why ask why? Just shut up and enjoy it. Sheesh! He said he wasn’t arguing; he just wanted to know why. I was already going to give him a hurray-you-found-a-job orgasm. I didn’t really base that orgasm on whether or not it was a full time job or contract. I figured money coming in was good enough. But this is such a cool job. And it’s full time. And he’s so excited. I decided to give him a bigger reward than just one orgasm.

It is true that Lion could decide to only have one orgasm between July 15 and the end of the month, but I seriously doubt it. Now that his confidence is back and he’s happy and the strain of looking for a job is gone, he’ll want more. I doubt he’ll go overboard. He’s not going to ask for an orgasm a day. Seventeen orgasms is too many. He may go for two or three in a row, but he’ll fizzle out after too many in a row. He’s not the young man he pretended to be when we first met. (He was only fudging by a few years at the time anyway.) I just hope he doesn’t feel bad asking for an orgasm whenever he wants one. To counter that, I will ask as I edge him if he’d like to have an orgasm. In the heat of battle he may be more likely to say yes.

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    Maybe after one of those orgasms you might want to give him a spanking a hard one immediately thereafter. he will not like it, but it will make an impression.

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