We worked all weekend getting ready for our first trip.. We’re very close to ready. The truck’s fueled, tires correctly inflated, food and drink aboard, and electronics tested and ready. Mrs. Lion’s stowed her vacation toy bag. I haven’t had any time to think about BDSM or enforced chastity. I’m securely locked up as usual. Sex hasn’t been a priority over the weekend. The upcoming trip is our longest vacation trip in over five years. It is by far the longest in our RV. We will have time to take it easy and enjoy some of the play we have been missing. I will be cage free the entire trip.

I don’t have a lot to report; at least about matters sexual. Enforced chastity is so much a part of our lives that we don’t think about it. My cage is completely comfortable. I don’t need to lube or remove it to minimize discomfort. I am so comfortable I forget it is there. I also forget it isn’t there when Mrs. Lion lets me run wild. I never expected enforced chastity to become so ingrained in our lives that it simply doesn’t come up in our conversations. We can go days without a single mention.

Way back when we were just starting, the idea of renegotiation was very important. I read about chastity contracts containing excruciating details on exactly how the sexual surrender would work. It turns out that after a while there are no details to consider. It’s dog doo simple: I wear a chastity device at all times except when Mrs. Lion removes it. I orgasm when she decides I should. Case closed. If you are new at all this, you might consider the last two sentences as all you really need to negotiate. The only other item that belongs in the agreement is the review date. That’s the date you discuss enforced chastity and decide whether or not to continue. If you decide to go on, you may want to set another review date.

We didn’t. We decided that we were going to continue with no expiration. That decision was prophetic. After a while, neither of us considered ending it. Enforced chastity is just another part of our lives.

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    I’m not really sure what my wife thinks of caging and all that goes with it. We are in our second trial contract that will go several months. And then we’ll see! I do know she likes penetration and while I have alternatives and extenders she prefers the real thing. So I seldom go more than two weeks without it. But after two weeks it is difficult to prevent orgasm. I’m hoping we can extend this trial by many months.
    By the way, enjoy your holiday!

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