Not Really Ho Hum

Lion shock control
The yellow button gives Lion the zap I set the device to deliver. The red button adds two more increments (a lot, Lion says) to the shock delivered.

I’m glad Lion likes the Magic Wand. I’m also glad he’s figured out why it works for him. It did seem a bit strange that it would suddenly be a hit when it wasn’t before. He’s told me for a long time that he loves my touch. I guess that’s all he needed to really enjoy a vibrator.

I have the Magic Wand all charged up for our trip. I’m also taking the shock collar since we’ll be in public quite a bit and I’ll want to get Lion’s attention. Sometimes it will just be a “hey, pay attention to me” zap and other times it will be a “I don’t like what you just did” zap. On the remote for the shock collar there are two buttons for zapping him. One gives him the intensity that it’s set for. The other adds to the heat. It’s a good way to let Lion know I really mean business, although the regular zap usually stops him in his tracks anyway.

My travelling bag of tricks has essentially the same items that are at my disposal at home. I have some rope for tying up his cock and balls. I have wooden and plastic clothespins. I have lube and dildos, and I will toss the smaller nJoy butt plug in as well. I have a small flogger and various paddles. We still have the under-mattress restraints in the camper. What more could one want for a vacation?

Over the winter we took all food and cleaning supplies out of the camper so they wouldn’t freeze or, in the case of food, attract pests. For the past few weeks we’ve been getting things ready for summer. Yesterday we put some food and supplies back in. Today we’re getting the rest in. I’m not factoring in play time because Lion hasn’t really been interested. I know that makes for boring reading (sorry Bill), but it’s important to remember that these day-to-day activities are still important in the 24/7 enforced chastity, female led relationship routine. Whether Lion is edged or not, he’s still locked up. Even for the trip, when he won’t be caged, he’s still under enforced chastity rules. No touching, no fondling, no fooling. And I’m still in charge, even when we’re on vacation. There’s no switch to turn it off.

I’m glad our life has become somewhat routine. There’s a sense of security in knowing, within reason, what will happen each day. Not that there can’t be surprises. I mean that Lion will only get attention from me and it’s my job (honor, privilege) to be the one who plays with him and decides when he gets to come. Having said that, we’re still learning about each other. It may be routine now, but it’s certainly not boring.


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