I Love That Face

I don’t think Lion really liked my characterization of our life as “routine.” I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I meant it in the sort of way that people who live together have to develop a routine. When you first move in, you do things a certain way and the other person does things a certain way. Sometimes those things clash. Toilet paper over or under? Dirty dishes washed immediately or do they wait until a few accumulate in the sink? We’re still finding our way in enforced chastity and female led relationship, but some things we have down to a routine. A science, if you will.

Lion was very excited last night. He gave me “the look” and I knew he wanted to snuggle. Of course, I always have to touch Mr. Weenie while we snuggle. Sometimes he responds. Sometimes he doesn’t. Last night he did. Very much so. I was able to edge him quite a few times. The last time was so close I think one more stroke would have been too far. Much to Lion’s dismay, he did not get to come. He is ever hopeful even though he knows it can’t be his day yet. Possibly because 2.0 doesn’t care when his day is. If she wanted him to have an orgasm last night, she would have taken it. For now, she’s happy to make him wait.

I love watching Lion’s face when I edge him. It’s a mixture of concentration and “oh god, I hope she keeps going”. Whatever he’s thinking, he’s very cute. And then, on those rare occasions that he does come, he gets that big, silly smile on his face. What can I say? I love that face. Does that mean he should have more orgasms? Nope. But perhaps he’ll have a vacation orgasm. Fingers crossed.