I’m within a week of completing my second year locked in enforced chastity. In that time Mrs. Lion and I have written over 1,000 posts on the subject. All those posts track our lives and how they have changed since I surrendered control over my sexuality. While we have a number of pages on how to start enforced chastity (see the tabs at the top of this page), I thought I would give my perspective at this time.

The chastity device is the most debated part of enforced chastity. Put simply, it is a device that physically prevents erection and orgasm. Some guys mistakenly believe that the device should accommodate their erections, just prevent masturbating. That’s completely wrong. The device should fit tightly enough to prevent any growth inside the cage or tube.

The big problem in the beginning is selecting the right device. You can find an endless array of devices for sale on the Internet. Amazon has resellers that mark up devices you can get directly from China where they are made. These devices are very inexpensive; some as little as $25.  If you can find one that fits you properly, it’s like winning the lottery. There are thousands of articles on selecting a device. I think I can help cut through the crap. A lot of women say that all male genitals are alike. They’re not. That’s why finding an off-the-shelf device that will serve you is so unlikely.

The big problem is that a chastity device has to be comfortable enough to wear 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week indefinitely. Mine has been on over 95% of the time. It only comes off for play sessions and the very rare break of a few days. That means if I am wearing a device that chafes around my balls or irritates my penis, I won’t be able to keep it on. It will interfere with my sleep and make moving around hell. If it hurts when I try to get hard, then I will awaken in pain every night when my body decides to give me an nocturnal erection. I’ve tested at least 20 different devices and every single one hurt to wear enough to convince me to take it off. I know that a lot of guys muscle through the discomfort with soothing creams under their base rings and tolerating the painful midnight erections.

This simply won’t do. The point of enforced chastity is sexual control, not enduring uncomfortable hardware. The only purpose of a chastity device is to prevent arousal and orgasm. The ideal device is so comfortable that you forget it is there. Oh yes, it should also be difficult to remove without the key. Let’s get security out of the way right now. Unless you have a penis piercing with a locking ring on it, there is no way to make a ball capture device impossible to escape. I don’t think security is very important. After all, I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. I don’t know of any cases when the female partner proposed enforced chastity. So, as far as I’m concerned, I won’t try to escape. I do want it secure enough that pulling out isn’t easy and putting it back is even harder. I don’t want to be tempted to jerk off when massively horny. But I don’t need more security than enough to control a passing urge to be naughty.

For me, comfort is the key. Right behind comfort is ease of use. Some devices are just a pain to put on or take off. Since Mrs. Lion puts me into my cage and takes my penis out, the device has to not frustrate her in the effort. I know that a lot of guys manage their own chastity devices. Over time, a device that is hard to deal with is going to be frustrating. Going a long time without a chance to come is frustrating enough. Who needs more aggravation?

I wear a Jail Bird custom made by Mature Metal. It isn’t the sexiest device, but it is secure and extremely comfortable. I forget I am wearing it most of the time and a nocturnal erection never wakes me up. It costs about $400 with the security screw option (that replaces the padlock with a screw that requires a special tool [supplied] to remove). Precise measurements are required. Even with careful measurement, adjustments will probably be needed. Fortunately, Mature Metal and other custom cage makers are happy to adjust for a reasonable charge. I needed to have my cage shortened by a full 1/2″ before I got the right fit. It fits perfectly now and to look at me in it (Click the MORE link for NSFW image of me in my cage) you would imagine that I am tiny when hard. I’m not giant, but erect my penis is a full 6 1/2″ long (measured from my belly side).

That’s the thing about penises, they are extremely flexible when flaccid. They easily fit into spaces you would never imagine possible. Since a proper fitting cage should always be in contact with the sides and head of your penis, it needs to be considerably shorter than you would imagine. I don’t even know mine is on and you can see how short it is.

Four hundred dollars? Are you kidding? I’m not rich! That’s what I usually hear when I suggest starting off with a custom cage. The cage is the only thing you have to buy. It’s needed for the “sport”. You need the right equipment. A lot of guys say that they just want to “try chastity out” and to do that they don’t want to spend much money. I get that. But are you really trying out enforced chastity when you have to suffer when wearing the device? I bought a few of the cheap, Chinese devices before I got serious with enforced chastity. After trying out four devices (cost over $150), I found one I could tolerate. That’s when I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up. After a week of wearing the device I thought would work, I was in pain. The hinge on the base ring hurt, the squared sides of the ring chafed me. The cage was too long and peeing was random, at best. I realized that this experiment wouldn’t have a chance without better equipment. That’s when I ordered the Jail Bird.

The good news about wearing those cheap devices was that I had a very good idea what size base ring I needed. That is often the trickiest part of fitting. Mature Metal charges very little to swap rings, so getting the size wrong is no big deal. Once ordered, it took six weeks to get my custom cage. I wore the Chinese one until it arrived. I was so happy to make the change! The fact is that I would have never been able to continue with enforced chastity in an off-the-shelf device. With one, I could focus on the real challenges of enforced chastity.

this is my jail bird with the shortened cage (1 1/4" dia.). note that the sides and head of my penis are in full contact with the cage. the urethra pokes out a bit (makes peeing much easier). the cage is so comfortable that i forget it is there. obviously, i can't get erect with this on. click the image for a larger view.
This is my Jail Bird with the shortened cage (1 1/4″ dia.). Note that the sides and head of my penis are in full contact with the cage. The urethra pokes out a bit (makes peeing much easier). The cage is so comfortable that I forget it is there. Obviously, I can’t get erect with this on. Click the image for a larger view.


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    Of course you must know how silly it sounds to say you’ve never heard of a case where the female proposes chastity. That’s a very bold and biased opinion. I know lots of women, myself included, who introduced and enforced the idea of chastity.

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      Over the last three years I have looked for a verifiable case where the female partner introduced chastity to her partner who had no idea there was such a thing. If you did it, you are certainly one of the few.

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