Un-ruined Orgasm

Yesterday I was so caught up in reporting on the diaper rules that I didn’t mention our play on Saturday night. Yes, I played with Lion even after his behavior Friday night. We had buried the hatchet by that time and he had served his time in diapers.

After his shower I told him he could remain diaper free. If we were going to play I wanted him clean. It didn’t make any sense to have him freshly showered and then smell like pee so he’d have to wash off again. I decided to use the Magic Wand because he likes it and, well, I guess I had ignored him to some extent on Friday even though he knew I wasn’t feeling well. It still amazes me, both of us really, that he responds so well to the Magic Wand. He insisted for a very long time that vibrators did nothing for him. Either he evolved or he was wrong all along. He likes to say it’s the operator that makes the difference. I think he’s just trying to butter me up.

It’s very easy to get him very excited with the Magic Wand. He responds immediately. I edged him quite a few times. I got him so close to the edge I thought I went too far. I was trying to figure out how far past his scheduled date we were. I know he’s gotten a few orgasms along the way and at least one ruined orgasm. He wasn’t necessarily due for one. But then I really did go too far. Rather than let him suffer through another ruined orgasm, as soon as I saw the look on his face, I started in with the vibrator again and brought him to a full orgasm. I really hate ruined orgasms. If I realize I’ve gone too far while there’s still time to do something about it, I will finish the job.

Consequently, Lion was not very horny last night. I still unlocked him. When I don’t unlock him nightly, he gets off center in the cage and peeing is difficult. (Maybe that’s another argument for keeping him in diapers.) It also allows me to check for any sores or problems that may creep up. I was having stomach issues last night so I told Lion he’d be wild while I stayed on my side of the bed sitting up. Snuggling would have caused problems. I wanted to make sure he knew what was happening so he didn’t feel abandoned again. We held hands even though we didn’t do anything else. Just before bed, after one last wild pee (pee standing up with no cage), I told him to put the ring back on and I locked him up.