I’ve been wild (uncaged) the last two days. I asked Mrs. Lion to let me out for an important job interview on Tuesday (it went very well). Tuesday night she felt under the weather so she left me wild. Of course, as she wrote yesterday, that newfound freedom ended last night. Most of the time I was uncaged I forgot it wasn’t there. That says a lot for the comfort I feel in the Jail Bird.

We regularly get questions about whether long term wear of a chastity device makes permanent changes to the wearer. About a year ago I was convinced that I had a red circle from the base ring permanently marking me. That proved to be untrue. I was also convinced that the constant wearing of the base ring caused me to “shrink” there and required a smaller diameter ring. I went so far as to order one 1/8th inch smaller. Wearing it chafed me. I then ordered one only 1/16th inch smaller. It too was painful. Clearly I didn’t need to downsize.

As far as I can tell, long term wear doesn’t have any lasting effects on my junk. For the record, the cage part of my chastity device is very short, only 1 1/4 inches long. After wearing it for a while, if I try to get hard especially, “grill” marks appear on the head where it was pressed against the bars. They aren’t painful or inflamed, just bar-shaped dents. After an hour or less out of the cage they disappear. So, fear not. Wearing a chastity device full time has not done any permanent damage to me.

A couple of other things have changed. When out of my cage, I have no desire to sexually touch myself. I can’t claim that this loss of interest is due to some submissive revelation. It’s just because my physical inability to do it over more than two years has gotten me out of the habit of thinking I can. I’ve forgotten that I can get myself off; at least in a physical sense.

The biggest change is that I no longer expect ejaculation to be the result of sexual stimulation. In fact, most of the time when Mrs. Lion decides to get me off, I’m surprised when the orgasm isn’t stopped before it starts. I ask myself why this is happening now? Mrs. Lion almost never announces that I will be getting an orgasm. So, it’s generally a surprise. My “normal” sexual experience is to be edged. I expect the build up and am prepared for the stop before I can ejaculate. I suppose that’s a lasting change.

My theory is that the reason so many guys ask about permanent changes is that they are starting to realize chastity isn’t something they can start an stop. The realization that someone else now has full sexual control is a bit frightening. It could be that they almost hope that there will be permanent changes so that there is a weak-but-potential “out” for them when the going gets rough. In my case, the real permanent change is that I have learned to like surrendering control. I would be very unhappy if I got it back.


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    Thank you for this post. I was actually wondering about permanent changes in my guys area. I’m relieved to know that there won’t be any consequences wearing the device. May I ask if lion wears a metal, plastic, or soft chastity? I’ve recently came across the soft ones and I said to him get this kind. When they reach a certain temperature (body temperature) they soften slightly and become a little flexible so to say. Very comfortable and made from organic material. A plus on that invenvention. His new device has still not come yet unfortunately. I believe he ordered plastic. We tried a metal cage which didn’t work out too well. Some of the prongs and welded spots were bent and almost sharp o the touch. No thank you. As much as I want him to be off limits to himself, I do want it to be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Glad you made this post thanks again. – still waiting

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      My device is steel. The general consensus among long term wearers is that stainless steel is the most comfortable and least problematic. It is very unlikely that any off-the-shelf device will be too comfortable. If you are planning long term enforced chastity, then it pays to get a custom made steel device. Do a search on this site. We have a lot written about it. Try starting with this page: Getting A Good Fit.

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